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Heather Taras Wikipedia, Net Worth: Daymond John Current Wife

Being married to renowned American businessman and TV personality Daymond John, people have been curious about Heather Taras, which has sparked searches for her Wikipedia page. Let’s get to know her.

Heather Taras is an American celebrity, businesswoman, and business strategist who has made her mark in various fields.

However, she has gained attention for being the spouse of Daymond John, an accomplished American businessman, investor, and TV personality.

Daymond is best known for being FUBU’s founder and chief executive officer.

The duo looks stunning together and has recently received much attention due to their relationship.

However, there is not much information available about Heather besides her husband, which makes fans curious about her.

As a result, there is an increase in the search for Heather Tara Wikipedia page.

Heather Taras Wikipedia, Net Worth: Daymond John Current Wife

Despite being a celebrity spouse, Heather Taras has no dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, we have come up with this Wikipedia article intending to explore the personal and professional life of Heather Taras.

Well, not much has been revealed regarding her life, and as a result, details on her birth date and age are not available.

Heather Taras 40 bday
She is Daymond’s second wife. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, her most recent Instagram post discloses that she is currently 40 years old.

She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, to her parents, whose name has not been revealed yet. In addition, he had a brother who passed away.

Further, in the case of her education, she graduated with a degree in nursing with no specific University name provided.

Discussing her career, she initially started as a qualified nurse but later opted to chase her childhood dream in the glamorous world.

Heather Taras in orange dress
She hails from a Christian background. (Source: Instagram)

Embarking on her journey as an influencer, her Instagram followers began to steadily increase over time.

Furthermore, she collaborated with diverse lingerie and beauty brands, ultimately establishing herself as a well-known face in the industry.

Additionally, she has garnered widespread popularity with a substantial fanbase supported by numerous people.

Therefore, we may have a dedicated Wikipedia page for Heather Taras soon.

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How Did Heather And Daymond Meet? Details About Their Relationship

Being in the public eye, people consistently express curiosity about celebrities’ personal lives and relationship statuses.

Fans also show interest in how Daymond and Heather crossed paths.

Heather with her husband and daughter in beach
Heather Taras does not have a Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

Although it is unclear how the couple met, Heather once stated in a 2020 interview that they have been together for 14 years.

On September 23, 2016, she shared an Instagram post announcing their engagement and proudly displaying the engagement ring.

They chose a private wedding ceremony in June 2018 at the church in Queens, New York, where John spent his childhood. 

John shared exclusive photos from their private ceremony on Instagram to mark their fifth wedding anniversary on June 2, 2023.

Heather in purple dress with her daughter
She has 22.9k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

They also organized a second ceremony in Santorini, Greece, and Heather posted pictures from the occasion in December 2018.

“I had the honor to marry my best friend in 2018! What an exceptional year becoming Mrs. John! We had an intimate summer wedding in Santorini, Greece with family and friends.

Further, the couple welcomed their first child, Minka Jagger, on March 2, 2016.

Being Daymond’s second wife, Taras is a stepmother to his children from his previous marriage.

Heather actively expresses her love for her family by frequently sharing pictures of them on her Instagram.

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