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Heidi Broussard Wikipedia: Upcoming Stolen Baby Explained

Heidi Broussard’s case had saddened many when it got into the public eye. However, many do not know much about it as there is no Heidi Broussard Wikipedia yet.

Heidi Broussard was a regular Texas mom living happily with her husband and her daughter.

She had recently given birth to her other daughter, Margot, when she suddenly disappeared.

The new mom did not get to spend a lot of time with her newborn, but her daughter, who was also missing, was found alive.

Heidi Broussard’s unfortunate murder and her baby’s kidnapping have now turned into a movie, The Stolen Baby.

There is no Wikipedia page for the movie’s explanation or Heidi Broussard, but don’t worry, we have got your back.

Heidi Broussard Wikipedia: The Shocking Plot to Kidnap Her Baby

The story begins with the friendship between Heidi and Magen Fieramusca. They have been friends since they were teenagers.

Their friendship was extremely strong, and everyone, including their family, thought that it would last for a lifetime.

Heidi and Magen even became pregnant around the same time.

Heidi Broussard Wikipedia
Heidi shouldn’t have trusted Magen, but again, they were ‘best friends.’ (Source: Youtube)

The two best friends talked about the possibility of giving birth on the same day.

But the strange thing was that Magen was lying about her pregnancy and was not really expecting a baby.

Magen did not have good intentions, and her plan was to actually kidnap Heidi’s baby and raise the baby like her own.

She was so determined in her decision that she even went and registered her fake baby to make people believe her.

People around her were really believing her until the day Heidi gave birth, and Magen started acting extremely weird in the hospital.

After recently giving birth to her infant daughter, Heidi was stable enough to drop her older daughter in school.

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Heidi Broussard Disappearance: Witness Spots Her with Friend

On December 12, 2019, after dropping her daughter to school as usual, Heidi and her infant daughter went missing.

One witness reported that they saw Heidi and Magen together in front of Heidi’s apartment.

And they also saw Magen’s vehicle in front of the apartment.

Heidi baby
Sadly, Heidi’s little infant might have no memories of her mother. (Source: YouTube)

After eight long days, sadly, investigators found Heidi’s body in a duffel bag in a car trunk outside a house in Houston.

Inside the home, Magen was with Heidi’s baby Margot. At first, police charged Magen with the tampering of evidence and kidnapping.

However, she was later charged with capital murder after enough evidence supported that she suffocated Heidi to death.

Thanks to Magen’s boyfriend, police arrested Magen as he found her at home with the baby on the bed.

He then called the police on her and told them to take action. He said that he was concerned for the baby’s safety.

Stolen Baby Movie Reveals Heidi Broussard Story: Magen Fieramusca Sentenced

Child Protective Services initially took Heidi’s baby but later gave it back to her family after successful identification.

After the incident, Magen was sentenced to 55 years in jail by getting the guilty verdict in the Heidi Broussard murder case.

The sentence was determined after a plea deal between the Travis County district attorney and Magen’s defense attorney.

Magen in court
Heidi’s infant remains motherless, and her mother is not coming back. (Source: Youtube)

Even though the sad incident can’t be reversed, at least now Margot will know her mother’s murderer is living a miserable jail life after looking back at Heidi Broussard Wikipedia.

In the Lifetime movie Stolen Baby, Anna Hopkins plays the role of Heidi Broussard, and Emily Osment portrays Magen Fieramusca.

The movie Stolen Baby: The Murder of Heidi Broussard is out for everyone to see now.

It is a part of Lifetime’s Ripped from the Headlines series and is also available to stream on Lifetime’s app.

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