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Heist 88 Wikipedia: Is Movie A True Story? Review, Summary, Cast

Movies with an exciting plot are always a fan favorite, and Heist 88 is on its way to becoming one, but many wonder if it is based on a true story. Find out in the Heist 88 Wikipedia article.

The crime drama Heist 88 premiered on September 29, 2023, and gained traction from viewers worldwide.

Directed by Menhaj Huda, the movie revolves around a criminal mastermind who recruits young bank employees.

Further, the character plans to steal 80 million dollars in one of the largest bank heists in US history.

The movie unfolds with thrilling plot as it takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride along with the characters.

Now, Heist 88 is set for stream on Paramaount+, which leaves many people searching for the movie’s Wikipedia.

Heist 88 Wikipedia & Plot Summary: Is The Movie A True Story?

The plot of Heist 88 takes us to the streets of Chicago, where Jeremy Horne leads a group of people.

Horne is an experienced thief on the brink of returning to prison.

Further, during a memorial gathering, he crosses paths with his nephew, Marshall, who needs money to repay loan sharks.

Heist 88 main lead in telephone booth
Jeremy takes advantage of financially weak people. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the mastermind sees an opportunity to steal $20 million from a powerful bank in Chicago.

With such an exciting premise, many rushed to Wikipedia to know if Heist 88 is a true story.

So, the story is based on true events as it draws inspiration from a heist that occurred in Chicago in 1988.

However, the plot incorporates fictional elements for storytelling purposes.

Meanwhile, as the movie progresses, it reveals that each character has their reasoning for getting involved in the heist.

Some are struggling financially, like Danny, who was expecting a baby and was often mistreated at his office.

Despite many difficulties, the team devised a solid plan to rob the bank.

As the day of the heist arrived, Jeremy led the individuals to their specific tasks and waited for the money transfer.

Team members gather in Heist 88
Heist 88 has several notable moments. (Source: IMDb)

After a thrilling sequence, the plan is successful, and they prepare to leave the States.

However, Danny feels the weight of leaving behind his pregnant wife behind and makes a final phone call.

But in the summary and Wikipedia of Heist 88, a shocking twist awaits viewers.

Danny contacts the FBI and reveals he has been working with them since the beginning.

In the end, authorities arrest Jeremy, creating an unexpected end to the story.

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The Real-Life Heist: Cast Behind The Characters & Review

The Wikipedia of Heist 88 is incomplete without exploring the details of the cast members.

Courtney B. Vance played the role of mastermind Jeremy Home. Additionally, some of the other cast members are:

  • Bentley Green- Marshall 
  • Akii Ni Maii- Singer
  • Bryan Kelly- Mario
  • Xavier Clyde- Danny
  • Precious Way- Ladonna Page
  • Nican Robinson- Rick Lewis
  • Mariah Gordon- Brandy
  • Jillian-Giselle- Keki
  • Rebecca Spence- Harriet Weinstock
  • Jayson Lee- Joe Simmons
Heist 88 cast members
The crew had an afterparty as the shoot came to an end. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the series came to life with the writing credits of Dwayne Johnson-Cochran.

After its release, Heist 88 received mixed reviews from viewers, as many suggested that it fell short of expectations.

Despite being based on a bank robbery, the movie failed to execute a clever sequence.

Moreover, others have mentioned that the character’s motivation alone does not match the material of the plot.

While viewers praise Vance’s acting, they feel that the interaction in the story is not well developed.

Likewise, the ending was unsatisfying as it did not reach its potential.

On the other hand, some have praised Heist 88 for its portrayal of the Black struggle in the States.

Although it lacks a few aspects, the crime drama is a thrilling watch.

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