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Henry Ford Net Worth: Business Career, and Innovations

The legendary American businessman and industrialist Henry Ford’s net worth was about $188 billion at the time of his death.

Born in a family of farmers, Ford made the greatest revolution in the field of automobiles and business.

He is the founder of the leading automobile business company Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford (Source: History.com)

Henry Ford is a man who made it possible for middle-class people to afford an automobile.

Before starting his own venture, Ford worked with Thomas Edison, where he learned most of the important skills and learnings of his life and innovation.

Ford was born in 1863, and the world lost the legend in 1947 just after two years of his retirement from his company.

Henry Ford | Quick Facts

Let us dive into the interesting facts of Henry Ford

Full Name Henry Ford
Nickname Ford
Net Worth $188 Billion
Date of Birth 30th July 1863
Date of Death  7th April 1947 (83 years old)
Birth Place Springwells township, U.S
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 1.78m
Religion Christianity
Hair Color  Black
Eye Color Grey
Occupation industrialist, Engineer
Father’s Name Willam Ford
Mother’s Name Mary Ford
Sibling 4
Title President of Ford Motor Company
Political Party Republican (before 1918)

Democratic(after 1918)

Spouse Clara Jane Bryant
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children Edsel Ford
Social Media Not Available
Years Active 1891-1945
Last Updated 2024 May

Henry Ford | Net Worth and Income

The legendary automotive engineer and businessman Henry Ford’s net worth was $188 billion when he died at the age of 83 years.

He was a genius who had the knowledge and vision of both business and engineering.

Ford’s manufactured model Ford Model T started the revolution in the automotive industry, which enhanced the company with the widest market at that time period.

This model was so affordable that it just cost $395 in the 1920s, which was around five times cheaper than other cars at the time.

Ford Model T (Source: Wikipedia)

Henry manufactured his first automobile in late 1896, Quadricycle, which he sold for $200.

In the beginning, Ford tried the business and manufacturing with different people and investors but frequently failed to gain success.

Later, Ford and his friend Malcomson with a group of investors, established the company named Ford Motor Company with $28,000 capital in 1903, which indeed created history.

In the 1920s, more than 85% of the world’s automobiles were from Ford. Ford models like Model T and Cadillac sold more than 15 million cars just by the early and mid-1920s.

In these years, Ford estimated net worth was about $1.2 billion at that time. And with the rise in the share of the company, he was recognized as the wealthiest person in the world.

In the prime times of his career, he earned $300 million per month on average.

Net Worth of Henry Ford in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Henry Ford’s net worth as per the present value in different currencies, including the cryptocurrencies BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €168 billion
Pound Sterling £ 140 billion
Australian Dollar A$ 268 billion
Canadian Dollar C$ 240 billion
Indian Rupee ₹ 1.4 trillion
BitCoin ฿ 5011256.56

Henry Ford | Houses & Cars


Henry Ford’s net worth at the time he made his demise was a whopping $188 billion.

Henry and his wife lived in their estate called Fair Lane, which was one of the most appealing and famous at the time.

Ford Residence Called Fair Lane (source: Wikipedia)

This mansion was built in 1913 in Dearborn, USA. in 1,300 acres of land.

This residence is preserved as National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as a historical landscape and a museum.


The owner of the largest automobile company Henry Ford obviously had a great relationship with cars and innovation. He loved his own company cars but was also impressed by other cars.

His personal favorite car was Model T which he also drove himself and advised others to drive as well.

Henry along with his wife also drove Detroit Electric Model 47 for a long time.

Henry’s most loved vehicle was Quadricycle, the first-ever vehicle that he manufactured.

Henry Ford | Lifestyle

One of the most important names in automobile history, Henry Ford’s net worth was $188 billion at the time of his death.

Henry Ford was born on a farm in Springwells Township and was one of the eight children born to his parents.

Born in a family of farmers, he spent most of his early times farming along with schooling.

Since childhood, he was very much interested in science and mechanics.

In the earlier days, he loved making and repairing watches and was famous in town as a watchmaker and repairman.

Henry married Clara Jane Bryant in 1888 on his 22nd birthday. Clara was always Ford’s wonder lady from his first step at the industry till his last breath.

Henry Ford Net Worth
Henry Ford With His Wife (Source: Twitter)

Henry and Clara have a child Edsel Ford.

After the success, he, along with his family, lived a lavish life in Dearborn. He loved his residence Fair Lane, spent a lot of time with his wife and son, and enjoyed the area’s landscape.

Henry also enjoyed his time traveling as a business trip and vacations with his family, close people, and colleagues.

He was very much interested in philanthropy and politics.

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Henry Ford | Ford Motor Company & Airplane Production and Books

Ford Motor Company

Henry, along with his friend Malcomson and a group of investors, established the company in 1903 with $28,000 capital.

The company released the first car in 1903. Ford named the car Model A, and it included many unique features as well.

Ford Model 999 set the record of 91.37 mph. This model skyrocketed the companies fame.

The revolutionary Ford model called Model T was released in 1908, and its production continued till 1927.

This model was not only cheap for every middle-class people but also very easy and simple to drive and cheap to repair.

Model T was famous all over the planet for its cost and durability.

He hired highly trained engineers and technicians who eventually helped Henry to convert his big dreams into reality.

Ford amazed the world by increasing the wages of his employees from $2.3 to $5 per day, which is about $130 in today’s money, and the worker had to work only 8 hours a day.

His policy motivated every worker and with larger and more active workers helped him grow the business to the highest level.

His success climbed very high with more advancement in mechanical technologies with more and better models, which made the company the best in the entire world.

He was also interested in auto racing and made a great investment in racing cars and drivers in his prime, which made great enthusiasm in auto racing.

Airplane Production

Henry Ford was one of the most ambitious men with great thoughts and passion. Trying out new things, he also entered the aviation business.

When World War 1 started, Ford built many aircraft with Liberty Engines. Ford manufactured airplanes were used by US Army.

One of the most successful aircraft of Ford was Ford.

Henry Ford Net Worth
Ford Trimotor (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Trimotor was a passenger airline that could accommodate about 12 passengers.

Though the company was shut down due to Great Depression during the 1930s, Ford was honored for bringing great change in the aviation industry.

Book Publications

The genius had some great interest in writing.

He has written and published some books which are still popular among a large mass of people.

He wrote the book named My life and Work which was published in 1922. The book was published by Green City Publisher.

Some of his major writings are Edison as I Know Him, Today and Tomorrow, Moving Forward, and many more.

Henry Ford | Charity

Henry Ford always believed that work was the major purpose of every human and always helped and supported people who worked for their living.

He was never attached so much with money and gave away more than 33% of his total income per year in charity to needy people and families.

Ford was always interested in supporting people financially individually by interacting with them and knowing their problems.

He often gave away a huge sum of money to poor and homeless people when he was on business trips and vacations.

Ford with his wife built 80 acre home called Valley Farm for orphan children.

Though he sold aircraft for the US army, he opposed the war and tried his best to end the war and establish peace.

During the war, he also built houses for war, refuges to keep them safe, and treat injured and sick.

He also established Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Ford also built a school for African Americans in Georgia.

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Henry Ford | Carrer

Henry Ford is one of the greatest names in the field of revolution and innovation in the automobile industry.

He founded the Ford Motor Company, followed by great mass productions and high wages to the workers with innovative and affordable automobiles even to the middle-class people.

Henry’s greatest inspiration include Thomas Alba Edison, whom Henry worked in his earlier days.

Henry Ford Net Worth
Henry Ford in Ford Motor Company (Source: schoolworkHelper)

He greatly helped to build the country’s overall economy during the harsh period for the country, selling large numbers of vehicles abroad and creating employment opportunities for many.

Ford owned the company until the end of his life.

The world lost the Gem on April 7, 1947, of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 83 in his hometown.

Facts About Henry Ford

  • Henry always drank hot water because he always believed that the body wasted a lot of energy to make cold water warm.
  • He opened Ford Assembly Plants in Britain and Canada in 1911.
  • Ford was always strictly against labor unions.


Who was Henry Ford’s wife, and what did she do?

Henry Ford’s wife was Clara Bryant Ford. She was an active Suffragist and board of directors of the Michigan League of Women Voters.

Was Henry Ford into politics?

Yes, Ford spent many years of his later career in politics, being a member of the Republican Party before 1918 and Democratic Party after 1918.

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