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Herbert Wigwe Son Chizi, Wife Chizoba Die In Chopper Crash!

Herbert Wigwe, the chief executive of one of the largest banks in Nigeria, had an unfortunate death in the chopper crash last Friday along with his wife and son; as a result, his family is asking for a proper investigation.

Herbert Wigwe had a perfect life with a beautiful family, including his wife Chizoba and children Chizi, Tochi, David, and Hannah.

Further, he was a part of the prestigious Harvard Business School’s executive management program .

After attending the Harvard program, he further continued his studies at the University of Nigeria, where he received an honorary doctorate.

Later, he made a big name in Nigeria’s banking world as a managing director and CEO of Access Bank.

But, recently, his sudden demise in a helicopter crash left the world in shock.

On the crash, not only Herbert Wigwe but also his wife Chizoba and son lost their lives. 

Helicopter Crash Claims Lives of Nigerian Business Tycoon Herbert Wigwe, Wife Chizoba, and Son Chizi

The helicopter crash took place on the 9th of February 2024 in a remote part of the Mojave Desert.

According to the reports, the helicopter was an Airbus helicopters EC-130.

Herbert Wigwe in suit
Herbert Wigwe was very passionate about his job; his colleagues described him as hardworking. (Source: Twitter)

It departed at 8:45 PM on Friday from Palm Springs airport in California and was to reach Boulder city in Nevada.

Herbert Wigwe, his wife Chizoba, son Chizi, and four other people were traveling in the helicopter.

But sadly, it crashed, and the authorities learned about the tragic incident at 10:10 PM on the same night.

Later, it was discovered that Wigwe and his family were among the six people who died in the crash.

The former group chairman of Nigeria’s Stock Exchange, Abimola Ogunbanjo, was also dead, along with two pilots.

In the meantime, while the families of the victims are demanding to know the cause of the crash, it is yet a matter to investigate.

In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are still investigating.

Picture of helicopter crash where Herbert Wigwe and wife Chizoba died
Herbert Wigwe’s other children are allegedly in disbelief after the sudden loss in the family. (Source: Twitter)

According to a CNN report, they plan to visit the crash site and get more details using a drone.

The witnesses on this site during the car crash suggest that the helicopter only caught fire after crashing.

The weather at the moment of the crash was supposedly rainy and cloudy.

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Herbert Wigwe’s Close Ones Mourn Tragic Chopper Crash Loss, Await Investigation Results

The lost lives of Herbert Wigwe, his wife, and his son cannot be brought back. However, finding out the reason for their death can give a sense of closure to his other kids.

He had three other kids other than Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, and David.

They will never get back to their brother and their parents, and it is unimaginable how they may have been coping at the moment.

Let’s hope the authorities find out why the helicopter crashed soon enough.

Herbert Wigwe son
Herbert Wigwe has a perfect life, but sadly, fate had something else written for him. (Source: Twitter)

According to various reports, the close family members of Herbert Wigwe are currently looking after his other daughters and son.

Nevertheless, many people who admired Herbert Wigwe are sending their prayers and well wishes to his other children.

They say that if anyone is responsible for the helicopter crash that killed Herbert Wigwe, his wife, and his son, they should be held responsible.

We must wait for the authorities to complete the investigation to get more details about the crash.

It might take some days for them to go to the depth of the crash. Navigating a helicopter crash after the helicopter has gone through so much damage is often a challenging.

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