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Higuruma Hiromi Death In JJK Chapter 247? Gege Going Crazy

It is always sad when a character dies in manga, especially the ones who are so much loved. Higuruma Hiromi will not be appearing on JJK anymore after his shocking death. He has now passed his sword to Yuji.

Higuruma Hiromi is a very famous character in the manga Jujutsu Kaisen who is known for his incredible abilities.

In the manga, Higuruma is a defense attorney who solves difficult cases and protects the innocent.

He was one of the top players among the many participants in the Culling Game.

Higuruma Hiromi was the antagonist of the Culling Game arc in the beginning.

However, things slowly turned around and he joined Yuji Itadori to defeat Sukuna.

Sadly, the character of Higuruma Hiromi has come to an end and the fans cannot get over his death.

Unexpected Death of Higuruma Hiromi Leaves Fans Divided and Questioning Gege Akutami

Chapter 247 is yet to come but the leaks have already made their way to the JJK fans.

Fans are left in shock after they find out that the chapter leads to the death of Higuruma Hiromi.

Higuruma is dead but his ending was as epic as his journey in JJK. (Source: Twitter)

They had other expectations from the chapter, some believed that Sukuna was the one who was going to die.

Sadly, Higuruma Hiromi turns out to be the one meeting his death, and that too in a very surprising turn of events.

The reason why the death of Higuruma Hiromi is so shocking is because he is extremely powerful and intelligent.

In his final chapter, he immediately figures out how to use RCT out of nowhere.

This is something that only a character like Higuruma Hiromi can do.

Fans think that killing such a strong character from the manga may be a very dumb move by Gege Akutami.

They are also accusing Gege of going crazy in this recent chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen.

However, some fans believe that this may lead to something even more epic for the manga.

Right now we do not know how things will turn out in JJK and whether Yuji will be able to end Sukuna.

Higuruma right arm
Higuruma left a huge impact on Yuji while dying. (Source: Twitter)

What we do know is that Higuruma Hiromi did not die a coward and was fighting till his last moment.

Even though Sukuna cut both of his arms he did not stop there, he was still fighting.

He immediately was able to regenerate his right arm by using RCT, which amazed many.

Sukuna’s Shocking Move: Higuruma Hiromi’s Sad End in JJK Chapter 247 Leaves Fans Upset

Higuruma Hiromi was also able to pierce through Sukuna’s arm by using his Executioners Sword.

Unfortunately, Sukuna had already cut his arm before Higuruma Hiromi pierced it.

Sukuna truly an evil character, made an insult to Higuruma Hiromi before killing him.

He said to Higuruma, “You are OK at your best” before slashing him.

His last moment truly showed how great he was in the manga and there will be no other like him.

It was also very emotional to see, Higuruma throwing his sword at Yuji at last.

Higuruma Hiromi Death
It will be amazing to see how Yuji will fight Sukuna now. (Source: Twitter)

It was a sign of how even though there may have been differences in the past he still has huge admiration for Yuji.

Yuji was also very sad and remembered Nanami’s final moment which resembled the moment.

This shows that Yuji now believes that it is his duty after Higuruma to end Sukuna at last.

In the previous chapter 246, we got to see an interaction between Higuruma Hiromi and Yuji.

There Higuruma says that he will never look into Yuji’s eyes ever again.

But in his final moments before death, Higuruma Hiromi finally looks into Yuji’s eyes while falling.

The death of Higuruma Hiromi has led many fans to get angry at creator Gege Akutami and are saying that he is indeed going crazy.

The outburst is so extreme, that Gege is trending on Twitter and fans are flooding their feed with hate comments.

However, he has never failed to amaze his fans with his creativity.

It will be safe to say he may have something better planned out for the manga.

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