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Hilary Hoover Wikipedia: Brooke Eden Wife Age And Family

With the news of deciding to have babies, netizens are happy for the couple Hilary Hoover and Brooke Eden. And fans are now looking for the Wikipedia page of Hilary Hoover to know more about the couple.

Married to ‘Act Like You Don’t’ singer Brooke Eden, Hilary Hoover is an accomplished woman with numerous career achievements.

She started her career in 2012 as a Radio Announcer in All Access Radio promotion- Country division located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Later, in 2016, she worked for Stoney Creek Records as a Director of promotion. However, she left the position and worked for independent artists.

After marrying, ‘Brooke Eden’ fans are looking up to Hilary Hoover Wikipedia to learn more about the couple.

Hilary Hoover Wikipedia: How Old Is Brooke Eden Wife?

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Hilary Hoover was born on 26 September 1989. So, as of today, she is 34 years old.

She got her education at Carmen High School, then attended Purdue University, where she completed her BA in Communication management.

Professionally, she is a real estate investor, radio announcer, manager, and entrepreneur.

Hilary drinking juice and just enjoying the summer.
Hilary is a Sagittarius and follows Christianity. (Source: Instagram)

She also works as a promotional director for artists like Trisha Yearbook and Garth Books.

Brooke Eden, her wife, is an integral figure in Hilary’s life. The couple started dating in December 2015.

Eden was already famous, but Hilary Hoover did not even have a Wikipedia page.

In those days, the couple dated secretly and avoided public attention.

Due to Eden being a country artist, they feared a negative reaction from the country music community.

In an interview with People Magazine, Eden comments that she had to hide her relationship to keep her career in country music.

Brooke Eden wearing a white top and a Demin.
Brooke has auditioned for American Idol twice, first in the seventh and then in the tenth season. (Source: Instagram)

For two years, the couple hid their relationship from the public, Eden constantly avoided interviews where she was asked about her love life.

Eden recalls in People Magazine that,

I was doing all of these things that I should be really happy to be doing, and my life was just very sad because I wasn’t living it fully.

In 2017, Eden was suffering from major health issues, which halted her music tour.

During this time, Hilary and Brooke started making their relationship public.

The couple took a vacation to the Bahamas and posted a picture on Instagram. To their surprise, the fans praised and showered much-needed love on them.

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Meet Family Members Of Hilary Hoover

Hilary Hoover comes from a city called Carmen, located in Indiana, America. Her parents are Sally and Tom Hoover.

Hoover has three siblings: her sister, Abby Hoover Cortez, and two brothers, Grant and Griffin Hover. She has a total of six family members, including herself.

Meanwhile, Abby Hoover works at IU Health North Hospital and Riley Children’s Health as a speech-language pathologist.

Hilary and Brooke are enjoying a jet ski ride in Palma de Mayorca.
Hilary worked as a director of sports production at NewsChannel 5 in 2011 (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, Hilary introduced her then-girlfriend to her family. Eden and Hoover married in two ceremonies, one held in August with close family members.

Hilary was the first one to propose the marriage to Eden in Sedona, Arizona. After nine days, Eden also proposed to her on the rooftop of the Virgin Hotel in Music Row.

Moreover, another larger Ceremony took place in Mexico in October 2022 with all their friends and loved ones.

Since then, the couple has been proud and open about their love for each other. Eden has written several songs based on their relationship.

In People Magazine, Eden states

I want people to see a real relationship between two women that no one has seen in any video.

Further, recent news suggests that the couple is even planning to start a family together.

Hilary and Eden have publicly accepted that they have started freezing their eggs.

So, in the future, we might get to see a dedicated Wikipedia page of Hilary Hoover with more limelight.

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