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Hoshi Dating Scandal: Relationship With Actor Lee Soo Hyuk- Gay Rumors

Fans speculate that Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk are dating each other as they are in a gay relationship. Is it true? 

Hoshi, real name Kwon Soon-Young is an Actor and singer from South Korea.

He made his acting debut in 2018 and is a part of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN.

He has acted in several dramas, including “The Penthouse” and “Hit the Top.” He also belongs to the SEVENTEEN Performance Unit, a branch of the SEVENTEEN group.

Hoshi is renowned for his charismatic and upbeat performances and multilingualism. He is regarded as a gifted Actor, and both spectators and critics greatly commend his acting abilities.

Additionally, Hoshi is regarded as one of the group’s best dancers. He is also a producer and songwriter who has created several songs for the band. Also, he is renowned for having a distinct, comforting voice.

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Hoshi Dating Scandal: Relationship With Actor Lee Soo Hyuk

Seventeen fans are celebrating the rumor of the K-pop act thanks to Hosi.

The K-pop performer has been the subject of relationship rumors involving Lee Soo Hyuk, an Actor.

Unquestionably, the Hoshi SEVENTEEN group is one of the most attractive idols.

Since he started working out, the 26-year-old has shed his frail persona in favor of something more robust and visually arresting.

Hoshi Dating Scandal
Seventeen fans are celebrating the rumor of the K-pop act thanks to Hoshi (Source: musicmundial)

With the idol, Actor Lee Soo Hyuk has developed a warm bond. Lee and Hoshi have gone on several dates, exchanged gifts, attended basketball games together, and even dressed alike as if they were a k-drama couple.

In addition, Lee Soo Hyuk handed Hoshi a pricey hat in 2022 after the latter stated a wish to buy one.

The hat was out of stock everywhere, but Lee Soo Hyuk thought the younger man was charming and gave him his own.

Similarly, on January 18, Lee Soo Hyuk and Hoshi went to see “Avatar” again before the “HOT” performer left for the renowned Fashion Week in Paris.

Hoshi expressed his appreciation for the movie and how his “Soohyukie Hyung” allowed him to lose track of time.

As a result, people began making jokes about Lee Soo Hyuk and Hoshi’s romance.

When Lee Soo Hyuk re-posted the image on his Instagram account and tagged his account, rumors became even more intense.

Not to mention, the speculations of a relationship between Lee Soo Hyuk and Hoshi, a member of the group SEVENTEEN, are extremely popular among KPOP fans, according to Kdramastars.

Even though the “dating dispute” is undoubtedly just an inside joke among the fans, many are happy to see two performers spending time together despite their busy schedules.

Hoshi, Real Name Kwon Soon-Young Gay Rumors

Hoshi is yet to reveal that he is gay.

He has not addressed the details of his sexuality to the media. His alleged relationship with Lee Soo Hyuk, however, generated guy rumors.

When Lee Soo Hyuk has the opportunity, he doesn’t hold back from boasting about his close friendship with SEVENTEEN’s idol on social media, which leads their fans to think they are in a gay relationship.

A Look At Hoshi Career

Hoshi made his South Korean boy band Seventeen debut in 2015 on May 29.

Along with bandmates Seungkwan and DK, Hoshi joined a unique group known as “BSS” or BooSeokSoon, their collective nickname.

Hoshi Dating Scandal
Hoshi made his South Korean boy band Seventeen debuts in 2015 on May 29 (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, on March 21, 2018, the group made available their first single, “Just Do It.”

Hoshi released Spider, his debut mixtape, on April 2, 2021. Hoshi contributed to the song’s creation, including the words and performance. 

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