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14 Hottest Female Politician

14 Hottest Female Politician!

If charm and good looks could win elections, these gorgeous women would never lose.

Females in international politics these days have become anything but boring!

Though politicians are stereotyped as dishonest and trustless, these females have managed to prove it to be false.

Increased involvement of females in politics has proved that females are not less than men.

So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get down with it.

Quick Overview

Name Country
14. Orly Levy Israel
13. Joanna Mucha Poland
12. Michela Vittoria Brambilla Italy
11. Sethrida Geagea Lebanon
10. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem France
9. Julia Bonk Germany
8. Ruby Dhalla Canada
7. Luciana Leon Peru
6. Elizabeth Halseth United States
5. Alina Kabaeva Russia
4. Alexandria Ocasio-cortez United States
3. Eva Kaili Greece
2. Queen Rania Jordan
1. Maria Carfagna Italy

Hottest Female Politician

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14. Orly Levy

Country: Israel

Age: 47 years

Political Party: Likud

At number fourteen, we have one of the hottest Israeli politicians, Orly Levy. She was born on 11th November 1973 in Israel.

Orly Levy Abekasis
Orly Levy Abekasis (Sources: Twitter)

Similarly, a former model Levy started her political career by entering Knesset as representative of Yisrael Beiteinu in 2009.

However, she left the party after 2017. She created her new party, Gesher, in 2019 but could not win the seat.

After being unsuccessful in her own party, she again returned to Knesset.

In addition, she became Minister for Community Empowerment and Advancement in 2020.

Aside from that, the smoking hot member of Israeli Knesset is a mother of three.

13. Joanna Mucha

Country: Poland

Age: 45 years

Political Party: Civic Platform and Poland 2050

One of the hottest and talented politicians, economists, teachers, Joanna Mucha was born on 12th April 1976 in Poland.

Joanna Mucha Hottest Politician
Joanna Mucha (Sources: Instagram)

Similarly, she graduated from the University of Warsaw and holds a Ph.D. in economics.

Likewise, she was a member of the Civic Platform Party from 2003-2021, and after that, she entered Poland 2050 party.

Moreover, she served as Minister of Sport and Tourism of Poland from 2011 to 2013 under the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

12. Michela Vittoria Brambilla

Country: Italy

Age: 53 years

Political Party: Forza Italia

At number 12, we have Italian politican, journalist and businesswomen Michela Vittoria Brambilla. She was born on 26 October 1967 in Lecco, Italy.

Michela Vittoria Brambilla Hottest Female Politician
Michela Vittoria Brambilla (Sources: Twitter)

The redhead politician is famous for her attire and has attracted many Italian males to current affairs.

Likewise, she became Minister of Culture and Tourism from 2009 to 2011 in the Berlusconi IV Cabinet.

Similarly, she lost the election for the Chamber of Deputies on Forza, Italia, in 2006. After that, she founded the Club Of Freedom, a political organization, and named herself President.

Club Of Freedom has more than 6,000 clubs from all around Italy.

In addition, she also became president of the under 40-entrepreneurs council at a Confcommercio.

11. Sethrida Geagea

Country: Lebanon

Age: 54 years

Political Party: Lebanese Forces

Next up, we have one of the hottest Lebanese politicians Sethride Geagea. She was born on 15th May 1967 in Kumasi, Ghana.

Similarly, her political career began at Lebanese American University.

Sethrida Geagea
Sethrida Geagea(Source: Wikipedia)

Likewise, she served as chair of the Lebanese Forces from 1994-2005. After that, she became a member of the Lebanese parliament.

Moreover, she got married to the leader of Lebanese Forces in 1991.

In addition, she established a non-profitable non-governmental organization named Cedar’s Mountain Foundation, which works for the sustainable development of Bsharri caza at a different level.

10. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Country: France

Age: 43 years

Political Party: Socialist Party

At number 10, we have the most talented French politician of the Socialist Party, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

Born on 4th October 1977 in Morocco, she was the first female to serve as Minister of Education, Higher Education, and Research.

Najat Vallaud Belkacem Hottest Female Politician
Najat Vallaud Belkacem (Sources: Twitter)

Similarly, she began her political career by joining the Socialist Party in 2002.

She served as Minister of Women’s Rights, Minister of City Affairs, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, and Minister of Education, Higher Education, and Research till 2017.

Lastly, Vallaud-Belkacem decided to take a break from politics in June 2017 after 15 years in public service.

9. Julia Bonk

Country: Germany

Age: 35 years

Political Party: Left Party

Next up, we have super beautiful German politicians Julia Bonk. She was born on 29th April 1986 in East Germany.

Julia Bonk
Julia Bonk (Sources: Wiki data)

She is known as one of the youngest members of the parliament in Germany.

Moreover, she is one of the hottest politicians who was elected at the age of 18.

Similarly, her political career began shortly after she finished school and became a member of the Landtag of Saxony in 2004.

Likewise, she became a member of the Left Party in 2006.

8. Ruby Dhalla

Country: Canada

Age: 47 years

Political Party: Liberal Party

Holding number eight, we have one of the hottest former Canadian politicians and Chiropractors, Ruby Dhalla.

She was born in Manitoba, Canada on 18th February 1974.

She was the first Indian-origin woman to serve in the House of Commons of Canada.

Ruby Dhalla Hottest Female Politician
Ruby Dhalla (Sources: Instagram)

Similarly, she served as a member of parliament from the Liberal Party in the House of Commons of Canada from 2004 to 2011.

Likewise, Dhalla was an aggressive speaker on the issue affecting the constitution, women, who also voted in favor of same-sex marriage legislation in 2005.

In addition, she was defeated by Conservative Parm Gill in the 2011 Federal election.

7. Luciana Leon

Country: Peru

Age: 43 years

Political Party: Peruvian Aprista Party

Next up, we have stunning Peruvian politician Luciana Leon. Born on 30th June 1978 in Lima, Peru, she is also the daughter of a well-known politician Rómulo León.

Luciana Leon Politician
Luciana Leon (Sources: Instagram)

Similarly, she began her political career becoming the General Secretary of Peruvian Aprista Party’s Youth in 1993.

Moreover, she became the youngest women representative of Lima as a congresswoman in 2006.

Also, she was named the Most Beautiful Politician in the World by Spain’s 20 Minutes newspaper in 2009 based on an internet poll.

6. Elizabeth Halseth

Country: United States

Age: 38 years

Political Party: Republican

At number six, we have an American politician Elizabeth Halseth. She was born on 5th February 1983 in Oregon, United States.

Elizabeth Halseth Hottest Female Politician
Elizabeth Halseth (Sources: Twitter)

She became the Republican member of the Nevada Senate from 2010 to 2012.

Likewise, she was the youngest woman in Nevada ever to be elected to Nevada Legislature.

Furthermore, after resigning from Senate, Elizabeth appeared in Maxim’s Hot 100 photo contest but did not win but was later profiled by Maxim in 2012 with an additional photoshoot.

5. Alina Kabaeva

Country: Russia

Age: 38 years

Political Party: United Russian Party

Next up, we have a stunning Russian politician, media manager, and retired rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

Born on 12th May 1983 in Moscow, Russia, she is Honoured Master of Sports.

Similarly, Kabaeva has won 2 Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 21 European Championship medals.

She is also recognized as one of the most decorated gymnastics in the history of rhythmic gymnasts.

Alina Kabaeva Hottest Female Politician
Alina Kabaeva (Sources: Twitter)

Likewise, her political career started when she became a member of the Public Chamber of Russia in 2005.

Moreover, she was a member of the Russian parliaments in State Duma, representing the United Russian Party from 2007 to 2014.

In addition, she is also the longtime partner of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since 2014, she has been chairwoman of the board of directors of National Media Group.

4. Alexandria Ocasio-cortez

Country: United States

Age: 31 years

Political Party: Democratic

At number four, we have American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was born on 13th October 1989 in New York City, United States.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Me Gala Look Of 2021
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Me Gala Look Of 2021 (Sources: Harper’s Bazar)

Similarly, she is the first female member of the Democratic Socialists of America to be elected and to serve in congress.

Likewise, she was known widely after winning the Democratic Part’s primary election for the New York 14th Congressional district in 2018.

Furthermore, she was re-elected after defeating John Cummings in the 2020 election.

In addition, as being Democratic Socialist of American, she has worked on various issues regarding the environment, tax policy, health care, anti-poverty, education, and LGBTQ equality.

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3. Eva Kaili

Country: Greece

Age: 42 years

Political Party: PASOK

Next up, we have a Greek politician who also is a former television news presenter, Eva Kaili. She was born on 26th October 1978 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Eva Kaili
Eva Kaili (Sources: Famous fix)

She started her political career joining the Socialist Panhellenic Camp of Militant Students (PASP) and PASOK Youth in 1992.

She has been a member of the European parliaments for Greece since 2014 and has also been serving on the committee on energy, research, and industry.

Moreover, she is the recipient of the 2018 MEP Awards for New Technologies.

2. Queen Rania

Country: Jordan

Age: 51 years

At number two, we have the beautiful Queen Rania from Jordan. She was born on 31st August 1970 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Queen Rania Hottest Female Politician
Queen Rania (Sources: Instagram)

During the Gulf war in 1991, her family fled to Jordan. After that, she worked at Citibank and in the Marketing department at Apple.

Fortunately, at a dinner party in 1993, she met the Prince of Jordan.

Six months later, they got married.

Similarly, after marriage, she has used her position to advocate in different sectors of society, including health and education, environmental issues, and women’s rights.

According to Forbes, she is one of the 100 Most Influential Women in the World.

1. Maria Carfagna

Country: Italy

Age: 45 years

Political Party: Forza Italia

Coming at number one on our list, we have Maria Carfagana, an Italian politician and a former showgirl and model.

Mara Carfgana Hottest Politician
Mara Carfgana (Sources: Everything-PR)

Born on 18th December 1975 in Italy, she was named ‘Most Beautiful Minister in the world’ as well as was ranked number 1 on ‘Maxim’s World’s Hottest Politicians.’

Similarly, she began politics in 2004 and became a member of the Forza Italia Party.

Later in 2006, she was elected as Chamber of Deputies for Forza Italia.

Likewise, Carfagna served as Minister for Equal Opportunities from 2008 to 2011.

Moreover, she got elected as a vice president of the Chamber of Deputies in 2018.

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