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How Many Tattoo Does Jill Roord Have? Meaning And Design

The tattoo of Jill Roord has caught the attention of sports enthusiasts. It sparks curiosity about whether the footballer has any tattoos and what they might be.

Jill Roord is a Dutch professional football player who is a midfielder for her national team and Manchester City club.

She began her football career at FC Berghuizen before moving to FC Twente, one of the Netherlands’ top women’s football clubs.

With FC Twente, she succeeded, winning the Eredivisie title and KNVB Women’s Cup.

In 2017, Roord signed with the German club Bayern Munich, where she continued to impress with her performances.

During her time with Bayern Munich, she contributed significantly to the team’s success in the Frauen-Bundesliga.

Hailing from Oldenzaal, Netherlands, Roord is known for her versatility, technical skills, and goal-scoring ability from midfield. 

Nevertheless, she is also popular for the various tattoos she has engraved on her body, and this article will primarily focus on that aspect.

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How Many Tattoos Does Jill Roord Have?

The Dutch footballer, Jill Roord, has represented the Netherlands national team since 2015 on the international stage.

Similarly, in her personal life, Roord is equally invested. Speaking about her style, she mentioned that she enjoys being a bit alternative and is into fashion.

Similarly, Jill expressed that she likes unique things that set her apart, and her tattoos are also included in them. Reportedly, the footballer has six to seven tattoos.

Jill Roord Tattoo
The Dutch footballer Jill Roord reportedly has six or seven tattoos (Source: Vrouwenvoetbalnieuws)

Inked for personal connections and spontaneity, her tattoos are subtle and hold significant personal meaning. 

Regarding her profession, Jill has been an essential part of the Dutch squad that achieved historic success, including winning the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017.

Likewise, her finishing as runners-up in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is also very memorable and one of her great career moments.

Her contributions to club and country have made her one of the prominent talents in women’s football.

Dutch Footballer Jill Roord Tattoo: Meaning And Design

Jill Roord has multiple tattoos, and all of her tattoos have a meaning. However, she mentioned that not all her tattoos carry specific personal values.

As mentioned earlier, Jill boasts a collection of around 6 or 7 tattoos, each on the smaller side.

To illustrate, one of her tattoos consists of the first two letters of her brothers’ names and her own on her wrist, symbolizing a meaningful connection among them. 

Additionally, Jill appreciates tattoos for their uniqueness and the memories attached to them.

Jill Roord Tattoo
With love for both personal reasons and spontaneity, Roord has inked different designs (Source: LiveScore)

She shared a spontaneous tattoo experience when she got a small tattoo of three dots while accompanying a friend who wanted to get inked.

To illustrate, those three dots became a part of her life during a random outing with friends in Amsterdam on a boat one summer.

Likewise, her notable and noticeable tattoos are the black bands on her forearm and ankle. Not to forget, her addition to this inked ensemble is a UFO design.

Despite their small size, each tattoo carries personal significance, making them unique and memorable art pieces adorning her body.

The footballer also expressed that her transition from life in Germany to life in England was a stark contrast.

In an interview, Jill said that she found the culture, fashion, and rules in Germany to be very different from England.

Despite the adjustment, she found the experience interesting and beneficial for her growth.

Jill enjoys London’s laid-back and liberating atmosphere, feeling a sense of freedom in this new world she now calls home.

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