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Irish Singer Hozier Tattoos: Total Number, Design And Their Meaning

We have heard Hozier fans getting tattoos of his lyrics, and there are social media pages dedicated to tattoos inspired by the singer. But Hozier himself is a big fan of inking on his body.

Tattoos, for a long time, have been a symbol of expression for artists as they deeply resonate with the meaning that art holds.

Hozier is one of those artists whose fans adore him and notice everything he does.

And it is no wonder fans gaga over Hozier tattoos as they are excited about why and what the singer could’ve imprinted on his skin.

Recently, one of his tattoos has been getting a lot of attention since he talked about it and made headlines.

The Mystery of Hozier Tattoos: Powerful Tribute to Seamus Heaney

We do not know the exact number of tattoos on his body as Hozier is famous for being mysterious.

But we do have details about one of his very special tattoos.

The tattoo lies on his arm and is a font with the Latin phrase ‘noli timere.’

Hozier tattoos
Hozier echoes art in anything he does. (Source: Genius)

The phrase translates to ‘don’t be afraid’ in English, and there is a very beautiful reason he got it tattooed on his arm.

It was the last words of Hozier’s favorite Irish poet, Seamus Heaney.

Seamus wasn’t an ordinary writer; and he was a literary legend who was able to touch many hearts with his poetic words.

Hozier getting the tattoo was his way of showing a tribute to Seamus as he texted these words to his wife in the last moments of his life.

And he very deeply resonated with the simplicity of the phrase and the power the simple words held.

He thought the words reminded him to live with courage and embrace life’s uncertainties regardless of how hopeless a situation may look.

Further, he wanted it done perfectly, so he chose his close friend Stevie Appleby to do the tattoo.

Hozier on stage
Hozier on stage is so magical, and nobody wants to miss it. (source: Instagram)

Most of Hozier’s fans might have already noticed the tattoo on one of his album covers.

Yes, the very beloved album ‘Movement’ highlights his special tattoo. It shows how much meaning the tattoo holds for Hozier.

His decision to make the tattoo the main highlight of the cover is also a part of his tribute to his favorite poet, Seamus Heaney.

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Hozier’s Profound Admiration For Seamus Heaney Goes Beyond Tattoos

Hozier’s admiration for Seamus goes beyond his writing skills and the tattoo.

He mentioned in an interview that he often listens to Seamus reading his poems when he is on the road during tours.

Hozier added that there’s something special about hearing a poet’s voice bring their work to life. It made him deeply emotional.

One of his favorite Seamus Heaney’s poems is St. Kevin and the Blackbird.

He describes the poem as something so beautiful yet haunting that it highlights the state of solitude and connections.

Hozier’s lyrics are so deep and meaningful that they always move the audience. (source: Instagram)

Another poem that Hozier mentioned was ‘At the Wellhead‘ about the art of singing.

Being a singer, Hozier deeply connected with the poem and found it very meaningful.

Hozier fans, who constantly look up to him, should always remember his favorite tattoo’s meaning.

That a person is strong enough to face life’s uncertainties, whatever the situation.

Talking about tattoos, similar to how Hozier got a tattoo as a tribute to his favorite artist, one of Hozier’s fans also did the same for him.

The fan, Leanne, got a portrait of Hozier’s face and signature.

It was a very humbling experience for Hozier. He jokingly adds,

While there could have been better choices for portraits I deeply appreciate it.

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