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Ian Miles Cheong Executed: Pro-Israeli Sedition For Dog Name

There were rumors that Ian Miles Cheong was executed in Malaysia which caught the attention of a wide audience, thus leading to searches for more professional and personal details about him.

Ian Miles Cheong is a noteworthy gaming journalist and political commentator, also known by his online alias “Stillgray”.

The Gamergate controversy and Reddit moderator positions thrust him into the limelight initially.

However, as time passed, Cheong stopped defending women game developers and embraced conservative politics more.

He now has global audiences with his controversial social justice and identity politics opinions.

Nonetheless, it was through covering video games and geek culture that Cheong built up his base initially.

Lately, rumors circulated Ian Miles Cheong was executed in Malaysia for pro-Israeli sedition due to his dog’s name.

In this article, we look deeper into the controversy surrounding Ian Miles Cheong being executed.

Ian Miles Cheong Executed: Pro-Israeli Sedition For Dog Name

Born October 10, 1983, Ian Miles Cheong is now 40 years old since Feb 14th 2024.

Nevertheless, recently there is information online that alleges that the execution of Ian Miles Cheong in Malaysia.

However, these allegations are not based on any verifiable sources and contain conjecture about what may happen legally to Cheong.

There is no truth to the rumors that Ian Miles Cheong was executed for pro-Israeli sedition because of his dog’s name.  

Probably, these rumors began when people found out about Cheong’s support for Israel in light of its policies towards Palestine.  

Ian Miles Cheong
Palestinian activists are spreading a false story that the Malaysian government has executed a Malaysian influencer. (Source: Twitter)

However, this issue shows how divisive debates can be among Malaysians.

There is no credible evidence backing the allegation of a connection between a tweet from an unreliable source on Twitter and the assertion of Cheong’s execution.

On the other hand, rumors persist about the consequences in Malaysia for remarks attributed to Cheong.

However, no news source has confirmed any of these claims.

Therefore, verifying facts from trustworthy sources before sharing unverified information on social media platforms is important.

Cheong denies any association with being pro-Israel and has not faced any charges in Malaysia.

The claim of his execution, however, lacks both substance and basis, and we shouldn’t pay attention to it.

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Career Details Of Ian Miles Cheong

During his formative years, Ian Miles Cheong primarily engaged in gaming journalism.

Among other things, he wrote for GameFront and once served as the chief editor at Gameranx.

Moreover, Reddit’s r/Games subreddit had him as a moderator.”

Henceforth, he grew closer to online geek/gamer communities and got some amount of influence within them.

However, Cheong soon became more prominent in his views on sociopolitical matters than gaming.

Ian Miles Cheong
Ian Miles Cheong was involved in the Gamergate controversy in 2014. (Source: Twitter)

His engagement with Gamergate exposed him to bigger controversies about sexism, progressivism, and identity politics.

Although at first he positioned as a supporter of female developers, Cheong grew increasingly conservative towards different social justice movements.

Nowadays his commentaries veer into topics such as transgender rights, racial justice activism and media bias.

The Malaysian’s influence is heavily based on an overwhelming Twitter following forged by against-the-grain culture war takes.

So despite living abroad, Cheong draws the attention of predominantly American audiences.

From being a niche gaming personality to becoming a right-wing provocateur, this has made him divisive not only in Malaysia but also in America.

Nevertheless, Cheong continues to write about games and tech while critiquing sociopolitical issues.

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