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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Leaked Video And Scandal: What Is The Story About?

The “IBM CEO Arvind Krishna leaked video” has raised suspicions about the fairness and legality of IBM’s hiring practices.

Indian-American business executive Arvind Krishna, who currently holds the positions of chairman and CEO at IBM, has found himself in hot water recently.

In a leaked recording of a webinar, the IBM CEO admits to employing coercion to terminate people and deduct their bonuses unless they discriminate in the hiring process.

The leaked video is being widely shared and discussed on social media platforms. Learn more about the ongoing controversy below. 

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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Leaked Video Scandal

A recent tweet has stirred up controversy, alleging discriminatory hiring practices at IBM.

The post on X refers to a leaked webinar recording involving Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM, and Paul Cormier, the chairman of Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary.

Arvind Krishna leaked video
In the IBM CEO Arvind Krishna leaked video, he allegedly admits to forcing discriminatory hiring under threat of termination and bonus cuts. (Image Source: X)

The allegations imply that employees were threatened with termination and bonus withdrawal unless they discriminated in their hiring decisions.

The post quotes Krishna as saying, “You got to move both forward by a percentage that leads to a plus on your bonus,” referring to hiring Hispanics, and adding, “And by the way, if you lose, you lose part of your bonus.”

Krishna is also quoted as saying that he would fire, demote, or strip bonuses from executives who don’t hire enough blacks or Hispanics, or hire too many Asians.

The business executive reportedly said, “Asians are not an underrepresented minority in tech in America. I’m not going to finesse this, for blacks we should try to get towards 13 percent.”

Moreover, Paul Cormier, in the leaked recording, allegedly states that Red Hat has terminated employees because they weren’t willing to engage in racial discrimination through hiring and promotion.

These allegations have attracted significant media attention and sparked widespread discussion.

The recent X post also highlighted that “Title VII” of the Civil Rights Act forbids employers from discriminating based on race in the workplace.

The hashtag #IBMLeaks is being used concerning this controversy.

Moreover, this scenario underscores the importance of fair and unbiased hiring practices in all industries.

Arvind Krishna And IBM Past Controversies

IBM, a renowned tech giant, has been embroiled in a series of controversies over the years.

One of the most notable issues pertains to allegations of age discrimination. It was claimed that IBM’s layoffs disproportionately affected older workers.

Arvind Krishna leaked video
Arvind Krishna has been CEO of IBM since April 2020. (Image Source: CNN)

A former research scientist at IBM alleged that all employees who were let go from the Research Division in 2018 were over the age of 40, with the majority being over 50.

Interestingly, the leader of IBM research at that time was Arvind Krishna, who later assumed the role of CEO in April 2020.

IBM Faced Scrutiny Over A Suspected Fraud Plan Benefiting Executives

IBM’s board of directors initiated an investigation in late 2022 into allegations of manipulated sales figures.

It was suggested that these manipulations were carried out to ensure hefty bonuses for executives.

The company, under the leadership of former CEO Ginny Rometty and current CEO Arvind Krishna, was accused of deceiving shareholders by unlawfully inflating mainframe revenues.

This alleged manipulation was said to have misled investors and artificially boosted executive bonuses.

Nonetheless, these controversies have raised serious questions about IBM’s corporate ethics and practices.

They underscore the importance of transparency and fairness in all aspects of business operations, from employee treatment to financial reporting.

As the ongoing scandal involving leaked video continues, it remains to be seen how IBM plans to respond to these accusations and its actions to regain its standing.

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