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Idaho Students: Who Are Xana Kernodle Parents? Father Jeff Kernodle, Mother And Sister Jazzmin

Following the discovery of a young woman dead in a house off campus at the University of Idaho with three roommates. People were interested in learning more about one of the victims, Xana Kernodle. What happened to Xana Kernodle’s parents?

Xana Kernodle is a younger girl from Idaho living with her three roommates at the University of Idaho. 

All her roommates, including Xana, were killed inside their room; everyone was stabbed on November 13, 2022. 

The news is trending in the place; everyone is curious to know the person and reason behind the murder.

Kernodle was just at the age of 20 when she died; she was admitted to the University in May 2022.

Additionally, the murder will probably get under Police investigation to learn the reason behind it.

Idaho Students: Who Are Xana Kernodle Parents?

Xana Kernodle student of Idoha University, was born to his parents in Sandpoint, Idaho, in 2002. 

Her parents were very grateful for her older daughter Xana; they supported her career path. 

The Father of the victim shared that she had a bubbly personality, and nobody would hate her to be stabbed to death.

She was friendly to everyone; she helped people without looking for anything in return. His Father and sister have come in public to share the information, but her mother has not been in public.

None of them has shared any information regarding her mother; her Father and mother are probably separated.

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Meet Xana Kernodle Father Jeff Kernodle And Mother

There has not been any information disclosed about her mother; his Father, Jeff Kernodle, has not talked about her mother until now.

Jeff looks pretty protective of his daughter; he shared in the media that he came to know about her daughter on November 13, 2022.

He was shocked because she was always with herself, but she had shared about her fight with some guy with her Father a week before her death.

So, Jeff has been guessing that the murderer might be the boy she talked about. So, the investigator will probably speak to the boy before concluding.

Idaho murder victim’s father describes ‘worst nightmare’, as FBI remains silent amid mystery over daughter’s death
Idaho murder victim’s Father describes ‘worst nightmare,’ as FBI remains silent amid mystery over daughter’s death. (Image Source: The Independent)

He shared that she was a football fan, so the Father and daughter duo used to watch football matches more often.

Kernodle shared every little thing with her Father, so they shared a bond like best friends. Jeff wants to murderer to be under the eyes of Police; he wasn’t the murderer to find as soon as possible.

No Father can handle the situation; he always had his daughter by his side. It is hard for Jeff to accept that his daughter Xana is no longer in this world.

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Meet the Sister of Xana Kernodle, Jazzmin

Jazzmin Kernodle is the older sister of the victim, Xana. Jazzmin always supported her younger sister.

Jazzmin also shared the same point her Father shared in the investigation; no one has ever thought she would be killed.

Xana shared a picture with her sister on 2018.
Xana shared a picture with her sister in 2018. (Image Source: Instagram)

They shared every little piece of information, and Xana used to see her older sister as a mother figure.

Jazzmin is dating a guy named Patrick; no personal information has been disclosed.

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