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If You Were The Last Wikipedia: Film Plot Summary And Cast

Sci-fi movies have always been a favorite among film enthusiasts, and If You Were The Last has been gaining some attention, including its Wikipedia page.

 If You Were The Last was released on Peacock’s streaming platform on October 20, 2023.

Kristian Mercado directed the movie, while Anglea Bourassa is the writer of the sci-fi story.

Further, the movie is heartfelt and funny and has received mixed reactions from viewers and critics alike.

The sci-fi romance movie has also received many ratings on platforms like IMDb.

Regardless, people have searched for Wikipedia, so here are the details on If You Were The Last page.

If You Were The Last Wikipedia And Film Plot Summary

As for the Wikipedia of the movie If You Were The Last, let’s delve into the plot summary first.

If You Were The Last revolves around the story of Jane and Adam, two NASA employees, who are drifting in their spaceship.

Further, they spend time playing chess and arguing about the movie Martian.

Jane and Adam in movie Wikipedia
Jane and Adam lose communication with Earth for three years. (Source: Instagram)

Initially, Jane and Adam’s spaceship is on a mission to navigate Jupiter.

But, after they crosse Saturn, their ship lost navigation and communications access for nearly three years.

Moreover, the stress of being stranded in space drove their colleague, Benson, to madness, and she passed away.

One day, Adam suggests he and Jane have a sexual relationship to relieve stress.

Despite dismissing the idea initially, Jane gives in and even becomes attracted to Adam.

In the meantime, Jane successfully gets the navigation controls back and guides the ship to Earth.

Further, they finally reunite with their spouses after undergoing medical tests and interrogations.

Jane and Adam from If You Were The Last Wikipedia
Jane had a special bond with Adam during their time in space.

They also report on Benson’s fate, revealing that she attacked Adam with a gun, forcing Jane to defend herself.

Moreover, Jane and Adam return to their everyday lives but long for each other’s company.

Jane and Adam feel out of touch with their partners until they meet again during dinner.

Emotional moments spark as Jane and Adam realize their feelings towards each other.

The film ends with them going on a trip to Iceland, where they play chess and talk about movies.

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If You Were The Last: Cast Details

The Wikipedia of If You Were The Last is incomplete without going into the casting details.

According to the movie’s IMDb, here are the central cast members who appeared in the story with their roles:

  • Anthony Mackie- Adam Gherrity
  • Zoe Chao- Jane Kuang
  • Geoff Stults- Tom Wright
  • Natalie Morales- Savannah Gherrity
  • Missi Pyle- Megan Benson
  • Sarah Voigt- Laura
  • Kaleka- Madame President
  • Jason Bayle- NASA Spokesperson
  • Andrew Farrier- Reporter
  • Langston Fishburne- NASA Administrator
  • Jessamine Burgum- Nurse
Jane and Adam together
Jane and Adam feel out of touch with their partners after their return to Earth. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, Angelica Agelviz was the voice behind the computer.

If we go behind the scenes, Dan Balgoyen, Jessamine Burgum, and Kara Durrett were the producers.

Further, Angela Bourassa, Will Greenfield, and Harrison Huffman were the movie’s executive producers.

Similarly, Mariela Ramos-Oquendo produced the stop motion.

The music was from Christopher Bear, while Alex Disenhof handles the cinematography.

As a sci-fi story, Jonathan Dorfman, Eva Flodstrom, Quique Rivera Rivera, and Szymon Weglarski were the visual effects team.

Moreover, Chelsea Bruland, Connor Turley, and Michael Yahn oversaw the stunts.

IMDb page has also credited many other people who were crucial in making the movie.

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