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Immanence Movie 2022 Wikipedia: Get Review, Summary, Cast

The story of an astrological event relating it to the devil, Immanence is the movie where radio astronomers discover a mysterious signal in the deep sea, with the terrifying story and ultimate survival, people are digging the Immanence Movie 2022 on Wikipedia.

Released on July 26, 2022, the movie was directed by Kerry Bellessa and co-written by Joshua Oram. 

This story is the main part of every movie, so the Immanence Movie writers were Kerry Bellessa and Joshua Oram.

Setting up with fictional things on a fantasy earth, the genre of this movie is thriller, science fiction, religion, and contemporary fantasy. 

The story begins with an astrological event and a mysterious signal in the deep sea that comes in contact with extraterrestrials. 

Seeking the answer to that signal, the team of radio astronomers went into the deep sea. 

However, This was the worst decision that they made to find answers about the signal. 

It later turned out to be a threat to their life, and fight to survive. 

However, people are more interested in getting the information and story of Immanence Movie 2022 on Wikipedia.

What Is The Story of Immanence Movie 2022?

Wikipedia currently lacks information on the 2022 film “Immanence,” leaving curious readers anticipating its potential future inclusion.

Fortunately, IMDb offers a glimpse into the movie’s narrative.

The plot unfolds with a group of scientists responding to an unforeseen event.

Prompting an investigation into a mysterious signal in the heart of the ocean.

Immanence mysterious event on sky.
Immanence mysterious event that made scientists recognized by the group of scientists. (Source: YouTube)

Upon reaching the signal’s source, the team encounters peculiar phenomena, such as lifeless, partially cooked fish and an encounter with the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.

The events led to a collision of science and the unexplained.

The narrative weaves through the discoveries made on the journey with Captain Jonah.

Moreover, he is a man rooted in Christian beliefs, adding a mysterious layer to the unfolding events.

As the crew delves deeper, they find themselves at an impact point where the boundaries between science and faith blur, manifesting in hallucinations.

Captain Jonah of Immanence explain about the devil work to the crew.
Captain Jonah in The Immanence explains that the mysterious event are devil’s work argument with the scientist team. (Source: YouTube)

The story takes an intriguing turn as the crew begins to question.

Whether the unearthly occurrences are evidence of extraterrestrial life or, perhaps, a manifestation of the Devil.

However, the information about Immanence Movie 2022 is not available on Wikipedia. 

People are more curious to know about Immanence Movie reviews and cast members of this movie.

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Who Are The Cast Members of Immanence Movie?

There are altogether nineteen cast members in this movie.

The first five cast members are Michael Beach (Jonah), Anthony Ruivivar (Roman), Summer Bellessa (Naomi), Eugene Byrd (Davis) and Kasia Pilewicz (Harper). 

Additionally, the other members are Asenneth del Toro, Jamie McShane, Myra Turley, Bechir Sylvian, Shein Mompremier, Chirs Devin, and Paul Green.

The other cast members are also important as they are part of this movie and might have a little work to do but leave a huge impact on the movie. 

According to various online reviews, viewers do not like the movie’s comparison of science and religion. 

Immanence Movie
The movie Immanence is a contemporary fantasy thriller set in 2022. (Source: IMDb)

Even on IMDb, it has a 3.7 rating out of 10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, twenty-eight percent.

Also, the movie’s ending with a weak plot and no resolution did not satisfy the viewers.

In addition, the movie also disappointed the viewers as they did not get what they wanted to see from it.

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