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Iranian Karate Athlete Mohammad Mehdi Karami Sentence To Death: Arrest And Charge

The Islamic Republic of Iran hanged Iranian-Kurdish Mohammad Mehdi Karami when he was 21 or 22 years old for participating in the Mahsa Amini demonstrations.

For allegedly taking part in the murder of  Basij militiaman during rallies in Karaj marking the 40-day anniversary of Hadis Najafi’s passing, he was found guilty of Fisad-e-filarz, which translates to “corruption on Earth.”

Human rights organizations charged the Iranian government with using “shoddy evidence” to convict Karami, who maintained his innocence.

Due to the Mahsa Amini demonstrations, thousands of demonstrators have been jailed, and dozens have been accused of crimes such as Moharebeh (“waging war against God”) or Mofsed-e-filarz (“corruption on Earth”), which are capital offenses in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mohsen Shekari and Majidreza Rahnavard, convicted of Moharebeh owing to other claimed offenses relating to the Mahsa Amini rallies, were killed by Iranian authorities before Karami and Hosseini.

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Iranian Karate Athlete Mohammad Mehdi Karami Sentence To Death

According to the state-affiliated Fars News Agency, Mohammad Mehdi Karami was hanged on January 7, 2023.

With these executions, four anti-regime demonstrators involved in the Mahsa Amini protests have now been executed.

Inmates allegedly threatened Karami with rape and assaulted him while he awaited execution.

Karami’s parents begged Iranian authorities not to execute their son in a video shared on social media weeks before Karami was put to death.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami 2
Mohammad Mehdi Karami parents beg the government to stop the execution. (Source: France 24)

Additionally, Karami’s parents claimed that Iranian authorities had mistreated him while he was held captive.

Despite being mistreated in prison, Karami’s parents stated that he was in “high spirits” but that the trauma he had endured had left him “physically wounded.”

Mehdi Beik, the political editor of Etemad, was detained by Iranian officials the day before Karami was put to death.

Beik had spoken with the Father of one of the condemned Iranian demonstrators.

A lawyer for Karami named Mohammad Hossein Aghasi claimed on Twitter that Karami was not given one final opportunity to speak with his family before being put to death.

Karami started a dry food hunger strike three days before his death, according to Aghasi, in protest of the Iranian government’s reluctance to let Aghasi represent him.

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Iranian Karate Athlete Mohammad Mehdi Karami Arrest And Charge

Thirteen adult men, including Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, and three young boys were held by Iranian Police in connection with the murder of Ajamian.

Any proof did not support the allegations against Karami and Hosseini in Setayeshi’s report.

Karami said that when being arrested, security personnel hit him “such hard he lost consciousness,” causing arresting authorities to believe he was dead.”

He also claimed that he was subjected to “serious physical and emotional abuse by government agents.”

After that, they “threw his body near a courthouse,” but “they discovered he was still alive” before they left.

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini and his attorney further said that authorities tortured him to coerce a confession.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami was executed after being accused of involvement in the death of a Basij member. (Source: Marca)

According to Hosseini’s attorney, because his confession was obtained “under torture,” it was not legitimate under the law.

Hosseini recited his confession while “full of tears,” claiming that the authorities had tortured him by electrically shocking various portions of his body and using other methods.

Amnesty International similarly asserted that authorities relied on forced confessions and “shoddy evidence” in convicting Karami and Hosseini, adding that Karami’s confession was also obtained through torture.

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