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Irvo Otieno Parents: Mother Caroline Ouko and Father- 28-Year-Old Man Death Video

Irvo Otieno parents are mourning the death of their son, who died in a state mental hospital on March 6, 2023. Here’s everything about his family.

Irvo Otieno was an African-American man who died while being shifted from jail to a mental health facility on March 6, 2023. He was taken into custody on March 3 concerning a possible burglary case.

His mother said Otieno was brilliant, creative and bright. He was interested in making music and was passionate mainly about making hip-hop. 

It is reported that Irvo could write a song in less than five minutes. Also, he was streaming his music under the moniker Young Vo while working toward beginning his own record label.

Sadly, Irvo died, and his inhumane death has been linked to George Floyd. Also, his death video has been going viral on social media, but before that, let’s meet his parents.

Who Are Irvo Otieno Parents? Mother Caroline Ouko And Father

Irvo Otieno was a 28-year-old African-American man born to his parents Caroline Ouko (Mother), while his Father’s identity remains unknown.

The Otieno family is currently at a great loss, and they are pouring the death of Irvo. His mother has openly talked about his late son. She said Irvo came to the U.S. from Kenya at age 4.

His mother opened up saying, Irvo was as American as apple pie. From a young age, he was of friendly nature, and his mother described him as a Leader and a listener.

Irvo Otieno Parents
Irvo Otieno’s mother, Caroline Ouko, holds a portrait of her son at the Dinwiddie Courthouse. ( Source: The Star )

Caroline revealed that Irvo started dealing with mental health problems during his last year of high school. Despite that, he went to college in California.

Furthermore, Irvo was not only the child of his parents as he had a brother named Leon Ochieng. Moreover, other information about them remains unknown.

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Irvo Otieno Death: What Happened To 28-Year-Old Man?

On March 6, 2023, Irvo Otieno died after he was restrained by Henrico County sheriff’s deputies and hospital employees. He was at Central State Hospital in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

It is reported that Irvo was arrested on March 3 for a suspected breaking and entering and was taken to the hospital three days later after he was seen naked in his cell.

Deputies and hospital employees restrained Irvo, who became unresponsive and passed away. Deputies and Irvo arrived just before 4 pm, and Virginia State Police were called to examine his death around 7:30 pm. 

Irvo Otieno Mother and Brother
Irvo Otieno was photographed with his mother and brother. ( Source: N.B.C. News )

Attorney Ann Cabell Baskervill Baskervill said that Otieno was held on the ground in handcuffs and leg irons for twelve minutes. His death was not reported for three and a half hours.

Irvo’s body was moved when reported, his handcuffs removed and washed, and a call was made to a funeral House rather than the medical examiner’s office.

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Irvo Otieno Death Video Goes Viral: Here’s A Look

Irvo Otieno died on March 6, 2023, and his death video is also going viral on social media as it was just released.

In the video, sheriff’s deputies and medical staff at Virginia’s Central State Hospital piled on top of a shackled Irvo for around 11 minutes until he stopped moving.

Irvo Otieno death video
Irvo Otieno’s death video goes viral on the internet. ( Source: CNN )

The hospital surveillance video has no sound. Afterward, workers apply chest compressions and a defibrillator machine to Irvo’s upper body before a medical technician drapes him with a white sheet at 5:48 pm.

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