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Is Alex Mcpherson Related To Evan Mcpherson? Brothers Age Gap And Family

Find the connection: Is Alex McPherson related to Evan McPherson? Explore the family ties between two well-known players. 

Alex McPherson is a redshirt freshman kicker at Auburn, hailing from Fort Payne, Ala. Known for his impressive high school career, he joined Auburn in 2022.

Whereas, Evan McPherson is a football placekicker for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL. Drafted in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Evan made an immediate impact.

During the Bengals’ 2021 playoff run, he tied records for most field goals in a single postseason and most postseason field goals without misses.

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Is Alex Mcpherson Related To Evan Mcpherson? Relationship Explained

Yes, Alex McPherson is indeed related to Evan McPherson; they are brothers. Both hailing from Fort Payne, Alabama, Alex follows in the footsteps of his older brother Evan, a renowned American football placekicker.

Evan’s success and accomplishments have set a high bar for Alex, a redshirt freshman kicker at Auburn.

Alex has embarked on his collegiate football journey, making his debut for Auburn in the 2022 season.

Notably, he stepped into the role of backup placekicker and punter, showcasing his skills with a 2-3 record on field goals in his first start.

Is Alex Mcpherson Related To Evan Mcpherson
Alex McPherson and Evan McPherson are brothers, both excelling in football. (Image Source: Rivals – Florida)

The McPherson family has a remarkable football legacy, with Alex and Evan excelling in their kicking roles.

Alex’s high school achievements at Fort Payne High, where he held the state record for a 61-yard field goal, made him the top-ranked kicker nationally by Rivals, PrepStar, and 24/7.

With Evan currently playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, the McPherson brothers are making a name for themselves in the world of American football.

The connection between Alex and Evan goes beyond familial ties; it represents a shared passion for football and kicking excellence.

Alex Mcpherson And Evan Mcpherson Brothers Age Gap

The age gap between the McPherson brothers is reflected in their birth years, with Evan being the older sibling.

Evan’s birth year places him in a more experienced position, having entered the NFL and gained recognition for his exceptional kicking abilities.

Is Alex Mcpherson Related To Evan Mcpherson
Evan’s older birth year suggests an age gap influencing mentorship. (Image Source: The Anniston Star)

While specific birth years for Alex are not provided, mentioning Evan as the older brother implies an age gap between the two.

This age difference contributes to the dynamic between the brothers, with Evan potentially serving as a mentor and role model for Alex as he navigates his collegiate football journey.

Alex Mcpherson Family Details 

LaDon and Amber McPherson, parents of Logan, Evan, and Alex McPherson have been a constant source of support and encouragement for their sons’ kicking endeavors.

LaDon and Amber, Fort Payne High School sweethearts, will celebrate their 30th anniversary on March 16.

The McPherson family legacy in kicking started with Logan, the oldest brother, who excelled as an all-state kicker at Fort Payne High School and continued his kicking career at Louisiana Tech.

Is Alex Mcpherson Related To Evan Mcpherson
LaDon and Amber McPherson are pillars of support in their sons’ kicking journeys. (Image Source: WLWT)

Evan McPherson, the middle brother, gained prominence as a fifth-round draft pick for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The McPherson family’s passion for kicking extended to the youngest brother, Alex, who is 18 and graduating in 2022 and is recognized as the top-ranked kicker in the nation.

The family’s commitment to kicking transcends generations, with Logan coaching Evan and influencing Alex’s kicking mechanics.

As the McPherson family continues to celebrate milestones and support their sons’ achievements, they embody a legacy of dedication, talent, and familial pride in the football community of Fort Payne, Alabama.

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