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Is Andrea Constand In Jail? What Did She Do- Arrest And Charge

Andrea Constand filed a lawsuit against Bill Cosby to land him in jail. Here is more about the former Canadian basketball player.

Constand is famously known for being the only woman whose civil suit against Cosby went to trial.

She was the director of the Temple University women’s basketball team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when Cosby raped her.

The 49-year-old is now an icon who has been featured in several documentaries. She was recently seen in The Case Against Cosby, a two-one-hour-episodes series.

Is Andrea Constand In Jail?

Andrea Constand is not in jail. She was never jailed, and the rumors of her imprisonment are false.

More than 60 women accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault; only Constand’s case got a conviction and landed Cosby in jail. 

andrea constand jail
Bill Cosby was jailed due to Andrea Constand’s sexual assault lawsuit against him. (Source: The Hill)

Constand is a rape victim and survivor who is the voice of many women facing the horrible.

Due to her valiant effort, she won a court case against comedian and actor Bill Cosby.

In 2006, she got a compensation of $3.38 million, whereas, in September 2018, she was able to win the case against Cosby, who faced three years in prison.

So, the words of Constand being jailed are baseless. Instead, she was the one whose case landed the comedian in prison.

However, Cosby’s conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in June 2021, citing a violation of his due process right.

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Andrea Constand Basketball Career

Andrea Constand is a former Canadian basketball player.

She was born Andrea Erminia Constand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 11, 1973.

Often nicknamed Dre, Andera played basketball at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in Toronto. 

andrea c
Andrea Constand is a former basketball player. (Source: The NJ)

After completing high school, the 6″ star athlete earned a scholarship from the University of Arizona due to her basketball background. 

She averaged 10 points per game in her senior season and was a crucial player in the National Invitational tournaments (NIT) winning Arizona Wildcats team.

Constand then moved to Europe to play professional basketball in different leagues. At the 1997 Summer Universiade, she represented Canada.

After being persuaded by Dawn Staley, she joined Temple University’s women’s basketball team as the director of operations. 

Andrea became friends with Bill Cosby in 2002. Cosby, an alumnus of Temple University, maintained a close relationship with the college.

She would often attend dinner parties and private dinners at Bill’s home in Elkins Park, Philadelphia.


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