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Is Andrew Balding Related To Clare Balding? Brother sister And Family

Is Andrew Balding related to Clare Balding? It is a well-established fact that the BBC Sport presenter and the well-known horse trainer are siblings. Find out more about the brother and sister’s bond below.

Clare Balding is a renowned British author and broadcast journalist who is currently serving BBC Sport, Channel 4 and BT Sport as a presenter.

The Kingsclere is a former presenter of the religious show Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2. In December 2022, Balding completed a two-year term as the Rugby Football League’s 30th president.

Similarly, Andrew Balding is a well-known racehorse trainer based in Kingsclere, Newbury, Berkshire. Andrew has accomplished significant success in his horse training career.

In addition, he has also built an impressive resume as a horse racer.

Many people are asking if Andrew Balding is related to the prominent broadcast journalist Clare Balding. Here is what we know in regard.

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Is Andrew Balding Related To Clare Balding? Brother sister

Yes, Andrew Balding is related to Clare Balding. They are siblings. The Balding siblings were born to their father, Ian Balding and mother, Emma Hastings-Bass.

Andrew was born on 20 December 1972 and is 51 years old as of 2024. Similarly, Clare was born on 29 January 1971, making her 53 years old.

Is Andrew Balding Related To Clare Balding
Clare Balding and Andrew Balding grew up together, surrounded by the love and support of their parents. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

Thus, the Balding siblings were born 22 months apart, which means the broadcast journalist is one year, ten months, and 21 days older than Andrew.

Andrew and Clare Balding have a tight-knitted and supportive relationship as siblings.

Apart from their familial bond, the Balding siblings are also bonded over their shared love for horse racing and training. Both Andrew and Clare have been involved in horse racing as trainers and jockeys.

The brother-sister duo have also worked together as trainers and jockeys. Moreover, the Balding siblings also have a good sense of humor and have played practical jokes on one another.

In addition, Clare has been very proud of her brother’s achievements, such as winning the 2000 Guineas with Kameko in 2020.

Andrew has also been pleased about his sister’s success as a broadcaster and author.

Andrew Balding And Clare Balding Parents

As mentioned above, Andrew and Clare Balding are the children of Ian Balding and Emma Hastings-Bass.

Their dad, Ian Balding, is a former racehorse trainer. On the other hand, their mom, Emma Hastings-Bass (now Lady Emma Balding), is a devoted homemaker.

Is Andrew Balding Related To Clare Balding
Clare Balding with her father, Ian Balding. (Image Source: The Sun)

Andrew and Clare’s parents tied the knot in 1969. It has been reported that Lady Emma Balding is the only daughter of the renowned horse trainer Peter Hastings-Bass and the sister of the William Hastings-Bass, 17th Earl of Huntingdon.

The Balding siblings’ maternal uncle, William, is a former racehorse trainer to Queen Elizabeth II and an English Hereditary peer.

Likewise, Andrew and Clare Balding’s father, Ian Balding, is the son of the racehorse trainer and polo player Gerald Mathews Balding.

The Balding siblings’ paternal uncle Toby Balding (Ian Balding’s younger brother), is also involved in horse training.

Ian is a graduate of Marlborough College. He also studied Rural Estate Management at Christ’s College, Cambridge. During his time at Christ’s College, Ian played Rugby for the college’s team, earning his Blue in 1961 at full-back.

The former horse trainer started training in 1964. At age 26, he moved into Kingsclere, where he established himself internationally as a highly regarded trainer.

The Balding siblings seem to have inherited the love for horse training and racing from their parents and ancestors.

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