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Is The Enterpreneur Cum Social Media Influencer Ari Fletcher Sick?

Ari Fletcher is a famous social media influencer and businesswoman with a massive following of more than 5.9 million, and reports are emerging that she is sick. Let’s explore.

She was born in 1995 on July 12 in Chicago, and her full birth name is Ariana Fletcher.

Although Ari lives a very rich and wealthy life in the present, it is not always the same for her.

Her father was a high school janitor, and her mother, Erin Fletcher, used to work at a local café.

Further, her hard work and dedication have made her famous in social media and entrepreneurship.

Recently, reports have been coming out about her health, suggesting that Ari Fletcher is sick.

Is Ari Fletcher Sick? Health Revelation Sparks Concerns & Criticisms

Influencer Ari Fletcher, confirming the report herself, made a series of tweets on September 15.

She made the revelation that she was facing intense pain and was not able to carry out her daily routine.

In her tweet, she also said that she needed an in-house nurse to help her with her intense pain.

Is Ari Fletcher Sick
Ari Fletcher has a unique personality, and some love it, and some do not. (Source: Instagram)

She did not specify what was causing her pain or whether she was having serious health issues in her tweet.

After her tweets, many people showed their concerns to the social media influencer.

However, some people criticized Ari for appearing not to have humility or modesty even while she was going through a difficult time with her health.

While Ari herself did not give any hint about what was causing her the intense pain, people are making assumptions.

They think that Ari Fletcher, because of how many plastic surgery procedures she has undergone, is facing health issues that are making her sick.

Ari Fletcher insta
Ari Fletcher, as an entrepreneur, is extremely talented. (Source: Instagram)

It is not a hidden fact that Ari has undergone several plastic surgeries.

She has been very transparent about her procedures like breast lift and the Orbix Breast Supporting System.

The Orbix Breast Supporting System was done to ensure that her breast lift lasts long and is stable.

The procedure is a very complex one because, to do it, the doctors have to insert silicone between the breast tissue and the muscle itself.

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Speculation Surrounding Ari Fletcher’s Health: Online Criticisms

Ari has revealed that the breast procedure was extremely painful to go through.

However, she also says she is unapologetic and does not regret it.

Now, people are connecting the dots and speculating that the Orbix Breast Supporting System procedure is responsible for Ari Fletcher getting sick.

Ari Fletcher health
Ari Fletcher’s health has become a topic of concern among her fans. (Source: Instagram)

While many people sympathize with her, others point out her negative energy even during this difficult time.

They say that she has been extremely negative throughout the whole time.

They are also pointing out her many online spats with various people.

People suggest that Ari’s extremely negative outlook towards others is not helping her feel better.

In response, Ari said that despite her sickness, she does not wish her haters to pray for her.

Her health challenges will not change who she is, and she wants to keep her famous personality.

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