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Is Better Off Dead A Christmas Movie? Streaming Details

One of the great movies of the 1980s, Better Off Dead, has been everybody’s choice for a cold Christmas each year. So, is Better Off Dead a Christmas movie? Let us find out.

Better Off Dead is a 1985 American black comedy film written and directed by Savage Steve Holland.

It stars John Cusack as high school student Lane Myer, who becomes suicidal after his girlfriend breaks up before Christmas.

The Movie has great positive reviews and is the favorite of many in the 1980s generations, especially in winter.

Besides, the movie also received negative reviews upon release for its unconventionally surreal and absurdist humor.

So Let’s dive into the movie Better Off Dead plot summary to determine whether it is related to Christmas or not.

Is Better Off Dead A Christmas Movie? The Summary and The Facts

One of fans’ favorites, Better Off Dead, is the first on the bucket list for fans to watch this December.

So, is Better Off Dead a Christmas Movie? Let us investigate.

Unfortunately, it is not a Christmas movie because the theme focuses on the Rom-com genre with a taste of winter.

The story begins in Greendale, California, starting with a high school student, Lane Myer.

Better Off Dead: Lane in the preparation of ski racing against Ricky is indeed a Christmas present for him
The central character, Lane, suffers from hallucinations. (Source: Instagram)

Lane lives in a suburban development with his mother, a ditzy housewife, his genius little brother, Badger, and his lawyer father.

Further, Lane’s two main interests are skiing and his girlfriend, Beth.

Shortly before Christmas, Beth dumps Lane for the handsome and popular ski team captain, Roy Stalin.

Further, due to such tragedy, he makes several half-hearted attempts at suicide, which all comically fail.

To top it all, he increasingly begins to suffer from neurotic hallucinations owing to the mounting frustrations in his life.

Lane and Monique is such a great couple.
The Movie Better Off Dead is mostly watched at Christmas. (Source: IMDb)

Lane gradually gets to know a new girl, Monique, a French exchange student, as he makes plans to kill himself.

Monique then resides with Lane’s neighbor, who continually tries to force Monique to be close to his son Ricky.

Moreover, the story continues between Monique, Lane, and Ricky, leading to a ski race challenge for the ski captain title.

Hence, Monique helps Lane prepare for the race, which he ultimately wins despite losing a ski.

Lane and Monique are last seen kissing at home and with a mid-credit scene of Badger, the story of Better off Dead ends.

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Better Off Dead: Cast Details And Reviews

Better Off Dead has a relatively strong cast and a quirky sense of humor but suffers from stereotyped characters and familiarity.

With a story written and directed by Savage Steve Holland, he has done an excellent job creating such a masterpiece.

Further, each actor showcased a natural and familiar performance, which is true to the storyline based on the Rom-Com genre.

The main poster of the movie Better Off Dead and it is not Christmas movie.
Better Off Dead is an all-time-hit movie earning more than 10 million dollars. (Source: IMDb)

Some of the notable cast of Better Off Dead are: 

  • John Cusack as Lane Myer
  • David Ogden Stiers as Al Myer
  • Diane Franklin as Monique Junot
  • Kim Darby as Jenny Myer
  • Curtis Armstrong as Charles De Mar
  • Amanda Wyss as Beth Truss
  • Aaron Dozier as Roy Stalin
  • Demian Slade as Johnny Gasparini
  • Scooter Stevens as Badger Myer

Moreover, the movie broke some records for winter movies that gave positive as well as negative reviews.

Although it was a winter-based movie with Christmas celebrations, some fans believe it is a Christmas movie, but others don’t.

It has a scene that takes place on Christmas and snow in it, but that’s as holiday-friendly as it gets.

Lane and his friends discussion about the winter project.
The characters are excellent; they are just mildly stereotyping the teen genre. (Source: IMDb)

Well, the director himself has mentioned it as a black humor and surreal comedy movie with a slice of life, so Better Off Dead is not a Christmas movie.

Further, it secured 7.1/10 ratings on IMBb and 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, which contradicts a renowned movie of all time.

Nevertheless, the Holland movie Better Off Dead was released in 1985 and is available for streaming on YouTube, Paramount Plus, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

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