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Is Bowie Jane Gay? Gender And Sexuality Of Criminal Lawyer And Pop Star

Bowie Jane is a DJ, a pop star, and a lawyer. Their active participation in the LGBTQ+ rights movement begs whether Bowie Jane is gay.

Bowie Jane, an artist from Australia, is a barrister by day and a DJ pop star by night. They have an unusual mix of career choices.

Their social media page boasts a follower count of 27k on Instagram, with other platforms having a relatively low following.

Despite their ironic situation, Bowie still juggles their two passions quite seamlessly. They have been mesmerizing fans with catchy beats for many years.

Fans admire their energetic performances and ability to captivate audiences with their on-stage aura.

Bowie’s entry in Big Brother was exciting, and their quirky attitude was a fan favourite.

So, does Bowie Jane identify as gay? Explore more about Bowie’s sexuality and gender.

Is Bowie Jane Gay? Gender And Sexuality

Bowie Jane was born on February 25, 1978, so currently, Jane is 45 years of age and is a DJ lawyer from Melbourne, Australia.

Their album has achieved number 7 on the UK Music Week Charts and 21 on the US Billboard Charts.

Bowie and friends posing for a photo at a radio station.
As a child, Bowie was involved in Tennis. (Source: Instagram)

The multi-talented artist advocates LGBTQ+ rights and openly admits to their non-binary gender.

Bowie identifies as non-binary and gender fluid, which emphasizes that Bowie’s gender choices and identification frequently change at different times.

Furthermore, Being featured in TheGayUK magazine reveals their support for the community and the movement.

In addition, their music has reached millions of people, and with their music, Bowie is spreading much-needed recognition and respect for the community.

Bowie’s sexual orientation remains undisclosed, but we can surely say that they embrace various gender experiences.

Despite their unclear gender orientation, Bowie believes in sexual freedom and helps advocate for changes in the law using their extensive experience in legal matters.

Bowie sitting on a couch for a Insomniac Radio interview: Is Bowie Jane Gay
Bowie is also an advocate for mental health. (Source: Instagram)

Bowie has always been open to talking and embraces their choices proudly. This character of Jane makes them a significant contributor to the LGBTQ+ movement.

Although Bowie presence in Big Brother 25 signifies that society has accepted people’s choices of gender and sexuality.

After such analysis, it is safe to say that Bowie Jane is not gay but a non-binary individual.

Bowie’s Big Brother Journey: Full Story

The cast of Big Brother included the first woman over 60 years old, the first Sikh housemate, a deaf contestant, and the first Australian player, among many others.

Bowie entered the house as a member of the professor’s alliance with Cameron Harding and Cirie Fields.

Bowie in heated discussion with housemates in big brother.
Bowie’s musical hits include ‘Luv Bomb’ and ‘Electric Lady’. (Source: Twitter)

Later, the alliance shatters after Cameron backstabs the group and nominates Cirie for eviction.

Cameron wins the Head of Household competition in the coming week, and Cirie is again nominated.

Soon after, Bowie joins the “Legend 25” alongside the other eight members. Bowie was loyal to the group, yet many other members secretly discussed plans.

Until week 5, Bowie was loyal to the group despite the group planning and discussing strategies behind their back.

However, the good part was that Bowie was constantly dodging the eviction. This signified her strong personality and cleverness.

Later in week 6, Bowie finally wins Head of Household and decides to nominate Jag Bains and Jared Fields.

Bowie giving interview in Big Brother house
Bowie has a double undergrad degree in Law and Commerce. ( Source: Twitter)

Ultimately, Jag gets eliminated, and suddenly, her tactics backfire, and Bowie finds themselves nominated for the first time.

But to their luck, Jasmine saves Bowie from nomination using her Power of Veto.

Later in week 8, Bowie wins the Power of Veto competition and decides to save Cameron from the block.

Bowie is still strong and active in the game, as she becomes a fan favourite.

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