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Is Boywithuke Asian? Real Name And Face Of The Toxic Singer

After his face reveal, BoyWithUke instantly attracted media attention, leaving many wondering about his personal life. As a result, people are curious if Boywithuke is Aisan or not. Let’s find out!

BoyWithUke is an excellent Korean-American singer and internet star who became famous on TikTok.

You might know him from his excellent and melodious songs like Two Moons, Toxic, and Understand.

He used to keep his face a mystery, but he finally showed it off in a music video after dropping his fourth album, Lucid Dreams.

Mercury Records, a significant player in the music industry, currently holds BoyWithUke under its wing as part of UMG.

However, fans have always wondered if BoyWithUke has a real name, and all of a sudden arises as fans wonder if he is Asian.

Is Boywithuke Asian? Personal Life And Career

People often get curious about their favorite celebrities’ personal lives and religious backgrounds.

Similarly, fans are curious about Boywithuke religion status as he looks Asian due to his facial structures.

Answering the rising question of whether Boywithuke is Asian or not, as per the facts, he is proudly Korean-American.

Boywithuke was born in South Korea on August 25, 2002, and moved to the United States.

Born in Korea, BoyWithUke nationality is a subject of debate, with some sources labeling him as Asian and others as American.

But, instead of Asian, BoyWithUke is recognized as an American, having spent his entire life here and holding American nationality.

BoyWithUke performing on the stage.
BoyWithUke parents strongly support his music career. (Source: Instagram)

Talking musical career, he started his journey through TikTok in 2020, but things started buzzing in 2021.

In 2021, when his videos, especially the Minute-Long Songs series, caught everyone’s attention.

His song Toxic went viral on TikTok and received over 500 million streams worldwide.

In 2021, he dropped his first and second studio albums, Melatonin Dreams and Fever Dreams.

Moreover, the big break came when he signed with Republic Records, releasing the single IDGAF with Blackbear.

BoyWithUke in his childhood.
BoyWithUke had no clue about fame, and the love people would give him. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, BoyWithUke’s tunes are all about love and understanding, with a sprinkle of his Asian vibes and Christian beliefs.

Moreover, it’s like a musical hug that brings everyone together, no matter where you’re from or what you believe in.

BoyWithUke’s fantastic music is extra special because fans actively wonder about his background and how it shapes his incredible style.

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Real Name And Face Reveal of Boywithuke

BoyWithUke, whose real name is Charley Yang, gains popularity as a musician and is recognized for wearing a mask with two round eyes.

He gained fame through platforms like TikTok, where he uploaded minute-long songs that became viral.

In 2023, he released his extended play Antisocial, featuring the singles IDTWCBF (Friends) and Nosedive.

Additionally, BoyWithUke released the singles Out of Reach and Trauma later that year.

BoyWithUke smiling.
Boywithuke is 21 years old, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. (Source: Instagram)

On October 6, 2023, BoyWithUke released his fourth album, Lucid Dreams.

The album featured songs like Rockstar, Bad Blood, Migraine, and Problematic.

It was announced that Lucid Dreams would be the final album of the Dreams saga.

Nevertheless, BoyWithUke’s music is diverse and has elements of various genres.

For a long time, BoyWithUke kept his face hidden behind the mask. However, on October 9, 2023, he revealed his face at the end of his music video for the song Homesick.

The next day, he officially revealed his face and name on Instagram and expressed his plans to start a new chapter in his music without the mask.

BoyWithUke mentioned that wearing the mask had given him confidence in the past, but it had started to impact his physical and mental health negatively.

Charley Yang, who was born in Daegu, has mentioned that he currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

BoyWithUke was pushed into classical music but dropped it after rediscovering his passion for pop music.

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