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Is Choso From JJK Dead? Cursed Spirit Death News Surfacing

With the leaks of JJK chapter 246 circulating online, fans prepare to witness the death of one of their favorites. But is Choso dead in the new chapter? Find out here.

The recent chapters of JJK have managed to keep readers at the edge of their seats with its exciting turn of events.

Yuji and Higuruma prepare to battle Sukuna with their full potential, while Uraume shows their power.

Further, the author plans to increase the heat on the battlefield with the new chapter.

Readers are buzzing with theories and possibilities as early scans and leaks of JJK circulate online.

As the spoilers hint at potential deaths, fans wonder if Choso is dead in the JJK universe.

Is Choso From JJK Dead? Cursed Spirit Death News Surfacing

The raw scans of JJK reveal Choso entering the battlefield, which makes many people question if he is dead.

Previously, Yuji and Higuruma’s plan to charge Sukuna with his crimes backfired as the king of curses broke the domain.

Moreover, he had not lost his ten-shadow technique, which hindered the sorcerers.

Choso is potentially dead
Choso sustained injuries after a battle with Sukuna. (Source: Twitter)

As Sukuna attacked everyone with his powerful slashes, Choso, Ino, and Kusakabe entered the fight.

The leaks display the team’s effort to defeat Sukuna with their cursed techniques.

However, the villain fights back with powerful punches that directly impact Choso, hurting him badly.

Similarly, Sukuna pierces through Choso with his two hands, which results in serious injuries.

Despite such incidents, it has not been confirmed if Choso is dead, as his part in the plot has not been fulfilled yet.

Readers argue that the cursed spirit cannot be written off in a singular panel with a minimal conclusion.

Additionally, the following chapters focus on Yuji and others trying to save their injured companion.

Choso using blood manipulation
Choso can manipulate the blood in his body. (Source: Instagram)

As Choso does not have the reverse cursed technique, he could be in danger as Sukuna’s powers surpass the limits.

Even so, the cursed spirit showcased a host of different Blood Manipulation techniques.

Similarly, he can prevent his body from dying of blood loss as long as he has enough cursed energy.

Now, fans hope for Choso’s return in the following chapters, as there is still a slim possibility of his survival.

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Ino And Higuruma Take Center Stage: JJK Chapter 246 Release Date

Apart from the possibility of Choso being dead, characters like Ino and Higuruma play a crucial role in JJK chapter 246.

The leaks reveal that Ino wields Nanami’s weapon to attack Sukuna with precision.

Further, the king of curses notices that everyone’s cursed energy-strengthening technique has significantly improved, including Yuji.

Ino and Choso attacking Sukuna
Ino delivered a powerful punch in the fight. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, readers witness Kusakabe’s simple domain lessening the damage of Sukuna’s slashes.

As per fan predictions, Higuruma and his sword take center stage in this chapter.

A small flashback reveals a discussion between Yuji, who claims that Higuruma’s cursed technique can effectively save Megumi.

Moreover, the suited sorcerer explains that whoever is cut by the executioner’s sword will die with no exceptions.

As the chapter progresses, Yuji asks Higurama if he wants to die.

Higuruma with his sword
Higuruma uses the sword to its full potential. (Source: Twitter)

However, the determined curse user claims that he must fulfill his duty before giving up on his life.

The raw scans conclude with Higurama’s Executioner sword emitting light.

Meanwhile, Sukuna is fascinated by the technique as he plans his next move to counter the sword’s attack.

With a break next week, JJK chapter 246 will be released on December 24, 2023.

Further, the official translations will be available to read on Viz Media’s website and Mangaplus app.

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