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Is Christine Romans Fired? Join NBC News After Leaving CNN, Salary And Net Worth

Was Christine Romans fired? The American journalist leaves the CNN network and is headed for a new job. 

Christine Romans is a broadcast journalist and author from the United States. She had previously worked for CNN’s Early Start as its lead business correspondent and host.

Romans is renowned for her contributions to financial reporting and business. The CNN anchor studied journalism at Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Later, the former CNN anchor attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University to earn a master’s degree in journalism.

Romans began her media career with Reuters as a reporter, covering financial and economic news. She was born in Le Claire, Iowa, in the United States.

She later transferred to the now-defunct CNN financial news network, CNN, where she worked as an anchor and correspondent.

She switched to CNN as its top business correspondent and anchor after CNNfn was shut down in 2004.

Leaving these professional facts behind, we will now jump in to discuss the correspondent’s future as she leaves CNN.

Is Christine Romans Fired From CNN?

It is unclear if Christine Romans was fired from CNN. However, the anchor is definitely leaving CNN and the show she anchors, ‘Early Start.’

On July 28, during the broadcast, Christine made a statement announcing her departure from Early Start.

Christine stated that for so many years, she has enjoyed getting up early for her fans to start their morning and adores CNN so much.

Christine Romans Fired
Christine Romans announced her exit from CNN’s Early Start show. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

The journalist purposefully omitted the details of whatever the following chapter would entail. She said that although she wouldn’t have to wake up at 2:30 am any longer, she would still be watching Early Start.

Christine has worked as CNN’s top business correspondent and an anchor for Early Start.

She received an Emmy for her work on the documentary Outsourcing America, which examined how the American economy has been affected by globalization.

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In addition to reporting from the New York Stock Exchange, Christine joined CNN in 1999 from Reuters.

In addition, Christine has covered several significant topics as a correspondent, such as Hurricane Katrina, the Arab Spring, and the development of ISIS.

The future cast of Early Start is unknown as CNN has not yet revealed who will replace Christine.

Christine Romans Join NBC News After Leaving CNN

After doing early morning shifts at CNN’s “Early Start” for many years, Christine Romans is reportedly preparing for a new start at NBC News.

The 24-year CNN veteran, a business correspondent and early-morning anchor for the Warner Bros.

According to two people familiar with the situation, Discovery Network is departing and will most likely join NBC News in an unnamed position.

As mentioned above, she made the announcement on Friday’s episode of “Early Start,” the CNN early-morning show she has anchored since 2014.

Christine Romans Fired
Christine Romans is headed to NBC News after her CNN exit. (Source: Variety)

Executives at NBC News declined to provide interviews. Roman’s extensive experience in business and finance journalism may be helpful in her new position.

Recently, NBC has shown a lot of interest in CNN anchors. A rising CNN daytime presenter named Ana Cabrera recently joined the MSNBC lineup.

Additionally, Laura Jarrett, who once co-anchored “Early Start” with Romans, now works in the Washington bureau of NBC News.

Christine Romans Salary And Net Worth In 2024

While her salary specifications remain a mystery, Christine Romans has an estimated net worth of $7 million, according to Sportskeeda. 

It is no secret that her protracted and prosperous career in journalism has contributed to her fortune, even if precise financial information is typically kept private.

Her estimated net worth, which reflects her talent and dedication, has been assessed by several sites to be in the millions. She also has a sizable fan base across several social media sites.

She held a reporter and anchor role at News 12 in Rockland County, New York, for her first prominent position. She covered a range of regional news stories there, earning necessary industry experience.

Christine advanced swiftly at CNN thanks to her exceptional financial knowledge and reporting abilities.

She became Chief Business Correspondent for the network and headlined the Early Start morning program for many years.

Her portions on the program offered viewers perceptive analysis and comments on monetary and economic developments in the US and throughout the globe.

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