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Is Delta Dead In Eminence In Shadow? Fate Of Shadow Garden Member

Eminence in Shadow, an anime known for its overpowered character Shadow, has fans eagerly awaiting answers in a recent episode to the question ‘Is Delta Dead Eminence in Shadow?’

The Japanese light novel series-based anime, The Eminence in Shadow was written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai.

The series began its journey in May 2018 with the online release, and the anime debuted in Japan in October 2022.

The anime series was a big hit as its audience found it captivating with its unique storyline.

Notably, The Eminence in Shadow didn’t take long to gain international recognition, as it was quickly licensed for streaming by HIDIVE.

The popularity of the anime’s plot quickly spread worldwide, earning it a dedicated fanbase that awaited new developments.

This season have raised numerous question that captures the eye of anime lovers, and one of those questions is ‘Is Delta Dead Eminence in Shadow or not?’

Is Delta Dead Eminence In Shadow Or Not? Truth!

The plot of Eminence in Shadow is a suspenseful masterpiece, with well-developed characters and intriguing side characters like Delta and the Beastkin Wolf.

As a member of the Shadow Garden and one of the original Seven Shadows, she excels in power and combat skills but lacks other notable talents.

Her unique fighting style and abilities stem from her Beastkin heritage, complete with large wolf ears and a thick tail.

The seven original member of Shadow Garden Delta.
Delta stood with Shadow and defeated the enemy of her kind. (Source: Instagram)

In Season 2 of Eminence in Shadow, Delta’s mission was to thwart the Shadow impersonating John Smith.

The thrilling showdown commences in the 6th episode.

Though Delta seemed outmatched by John, she quickly identified the imposter by his distinct scent.

After a conversation, Delta received orders to track down the enigmatic Black Jugga Jugga in the Lawless City, also known as the Black Tower.

Notably, only Shadow was aware of Delta’s covert mission, adding an intriguing twist to the story.

Delta and john Smith on the train.
Delta and John Smith fight and send Delta to fight a Black Jugga Jugga man in Lawless City.

The bell of Delta represented to the Alpha made her believe that Delta might be dead and attack John Smith. 

The fight with Alpha and John ended quickly after a moment. However, the question Is Delta Dead in Eminence in Shadow or Alive? 

And the answer is Yes! Delta is alive and can be seen in the last clip of the 6th episode.

The last-minute episode might not leave some fans with a clear thought.

However, whether Delta is dead in Eminence in Shadow or not is already clear to Manga readers.

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[Spoilers] The Delta Of Eminence In Shadow Is Alive?

After the counter-fitting bill of the paper money, everyone in the Shadow Garden thought they would lose everything.

Also, they didn’t have any proof that Delta was dead or alive at that time. 

Spoiler alert on the 39 chapters of Eminence in Shadow: Delta came to the Shadow Garden with a surprise visit and a crying face.

She says, “I was on a super secret mission from the Boss.” At that moment, Alpha didn’t wait a second to hug the cute Delta.

The cute but ferocious character Delta.
The long ear Beast wolf kind Delta, a member of Shadow Garden. (Source: Instagram)

At that moment, Alpha and Shadow were aware of her covert mission.

The existence of Delta remained unverified, with Manga yet to confirm her survival.

In terms of strength, only Blood Queen Vampire rivaled Delta, and the Shadow Garden members might not incite harm to the lawless city.

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