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Is Delta Employee Misgender Fired? Tommy Dorfman Tiktok Video

With the recent video of trans actor Tommy Dorfman, where the Delta employee continues to misgender them, making its way to the internet, people globally are concerned about whether the employee was fired from the company. 

Tommy Dorfman is an American actor hailing from Atlanta, United States.

Born on May 13, 1992, Tommy is widely recognized for their appearance as Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why (2017).

Moreover, they actively participate in activism to improve transgender rights.

Some of their best works are Sharp Sticks (2022), The Shurro Process (2021), Love in the Time of Corona (2020), and many more.

However, in the wake of a viral video shared by Tommy Dorfman, a question has arisen among their fans: has Delta Air Lines fired the employee who misgender them?

Is Delta Employee Misgender Fired? Tommy Dorfman TikTok, Reddit Video

The viral TikTok video featuring Tommy Dorfman being misgendered by a Delta employee sparked widespread concern among their fans. 

As the video circulated online, viewers have been questioning whether Delta Air Lines has fired the employee who continued to misgender Tommy or not.

The name of the employee shown in the video is Tristan.

Screenshot of Tommy's video capturing the delta employee that went viral on the internet.
The Delta Air Line shared they are aware of the video and are looking into the matter.

With the worldwide circulation of the video, Tristan has seen significant effects on his personal life.

However, as of now, there is no valid source to confirm whether Delta Air Lines has fired the employee who continued to misgender Tommy.

Due to the video, some suggest the incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the transgender community.

Meanwhile, others suggest that Tommy shouldn’t have taken it personally and shared the video with the public.

Nevertheless, let’s not speculate anything regarding Tristan’s employment status and hope the concerned authorities will solve the issue as soon as possible. 

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Details On The Video Shared By Tommy Dorfman

The video shared by Tommy unfolds a troubling incident involving a Delta Air Lines employee.

The footage captures a Delta ticket agent, identified as Tristan, repeatedly misgendering Tommy Dorfman during a customer interaction. 

Meanwhile, viewers can hear Tommy behind the camera, confronting the agent and expressing frustration at the intentional use of incorrect pronouns. 

Tommy Dorfman captured wearing a white dress.
Tommy shared the video publicly through their TikTok account. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the video reveals the agent referring to Tommy using male and female pronouns despite their clear correction.

Further, the situation escalated when the gate agent engaged in conversation with another passenger, continuing the misgendering.

Tommy asked the employee to address them using the correct pronouns and highlighted the agent’s repeated errors.

However, the employee continued to tell Tommy they were being condescending and threatened to escort them from the airport.

Adding another layer of tension, the employee said,

If you want to play games with me, which, if you’d like to continue three days before Christmas, I don’t mind.

Despite the agent claiming the misgendering was unintentional, Tommy stood firm, emphasizing the impact of such action.

Moreover, the incident shown in the video highlights the need for increased awareness, education, and institutional frameworks.

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More About Tommy Dorfman: Who Are They?

Tommy Dorfman is a transgender American actor and an activist.

Best known for her role as Ryan Shaver in the widely acclaimed series 13 Reasons Why, Tommy has also become a prominent figure in the ongoing conversation about LGBTQ+ representation.

Moreover, in July 2021, they publicly shared their gender identity journey, identifying as a trans woman.

Tommy wearing a pink jacket taking picture in front of a bicycle.
Tommy is also famous for her outspoken advocacy for transgender rights. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, their shared experiences have contributed to fostering a greater understanding of transgender issues. 

Furthermore,  they also used their platform to advocate for inclusivity and challenge societal norms surrounding gender expression.

Their activism extends beyond individual empowerment, aiming to create systematic change in the entertainment industry and society.

Nevertheless, Tommy Dorfman is an influential figure, inspiring others to promote an accepting world for the transgender community.

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