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Is Donald Trump Going To Jail? What Happened- Cheating Case Update

Following the conviction of two of his organizations, is Donald Trump going to jail? has been trending on the Internet.

Two Trump organization was convicted for 17 felonies, including tax fraud, last week. The former Trump Corp’s CFO was sentenced to five months in jail.

It has been reported that the penalty is the maximum possible punishment. A New York Judge handed down the order for running a decade-long tax fraud scheme.

Two Trump organizations – The Trump Corporation and Trup Payroll Corporation – were found guilty in December of giving some of their senior executives benefits that weren’t authorized.

Former CFO of Trump organization Allen H. Weisselberg entered a guilty plea and provided testimony during the Company’s trial.

Amid the situation, people wonder if former president Donald Trump would go to jail. Here is all the available detail of the incident.

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Is Donald Trump Going To Jail?

No, the former U.S. president is not going to jail.

The former president Donald J. Trump’s family real estate Company was ordered to pay a $1.6 million criminal penalty on 27 January 2023 for its conviction on felony tax fraud and other counts.

Trump and his family were not accused in the tax evading case. Still, the prosecution brought up the former president several times during the trial.

Is Donald Trump going to jail
Two Trump organization was convicted of seventeen felonies, including tax fraud. (Image Source: CNN)

The trial showed Donald Trump’s involvement with the untaxed advantages given to some employees, including company-funded homes, car leases, and personal expenses.

Trump “explicitly sanctioned,” according to one prosecutor, tax fraud.

The Penalty Will Have Minimal Effect On The Corporations

The two Trump Corporations were ordered to pay a $1.6 million penalty. The ordered penalty is reported to be the maximum possible punishment.

As reported by CNN, the maximum fine that the businesses could face under New York law is around $1.6 million.

Although it is the maximum possible penalty, the Trump Organization can easily afford it. They have 14 days to pay the fine.

Despite acknowledging that it will have a “minimal effect” on a multibillion-dollar firm, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked Judge Juan Merchan to impose the maximum fine on the Trump Organization.

Steinglass said, “we all know these organizations cannot go to jail.”

The prosecutor said the only way to discourage such conduct effectively is to make the penalty as expensive as possible.

Furthermore, as there is no legal method to dissolve the firm, the real estate industry is not in danger of being destroyed.

No one will be imprisoned as a result of the jury’s decision.

The Trump Organization’s reputation and capacity to transact business, secure financing, or win contracts could be adversely affected by a felony conviction.

A Longtime Executive For Donald Trump Sent To Jail

Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to many tax offenses as part of the investigation into former president Donald Trump’s business organization.

Is Donald Trump going to jail
Allen Weisselberg – former CFO of the Trump organization, is serving his five months sentence at Rikers Island detention facility. (Image Source: CNBC)

Allen was given a five-month prison sentence on 24 January 2023. 

However, considering his cooperation with authorities and testifying against his old employer, there is a possibility of early release.

After hearing the sentence from Judge Juan Merchan, the 75-year-old former CFO was arrested and carried out of the Manhattan courtroom.

Police escorted Allen to the Rikers Island detention facility to start serving his punishment.

The former CFO reportedly paid more than $2 million in taxes and penalties as part of his plea agreement.

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Donald Trump Cheating Accusations

Also, speaking of Donald Trump’s cheating case, he is accused of cheating on golf courses.

As per several sources, Trump loves golf more than money, and his seventeen golf courses are a testament to his love for the sport.

However, several celebrities and his golf buddies have accused him of cheating at the highest level and resorting to dirty tactics.

The guy surely loves winning, as he is said to be cheating when people are watching or not watching, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

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