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Is Eddie Howe Related To Don Howe? Are They Father Son- Family And Net Worth

Is Eddie Howe Related To Don Howe? People having the same last name are considered related to one another. Let’s find out the relationship between Eddie and Don Howe. 

Eddie Howe is an English professional football manager who is currently the head coach of Premier League club Newcastle United since 2021. 

Before being a football manager, he played football. He started his career as a player in December 1995. 

Howe started his career in AFC Bournemouth club as an assistant coach under head coach Jimmy Quinn. 

Then, in 2011, he signed a three-year contract with Burnley as a head coach. But in October 2012, he left the team and returned to AFC Bournemouth.

Then, in 2021 he signed a contract with Newcastle United States as head coach, and he will be on the team until 2024. 

Is Eddie Howe Related To Don Howe? Are They Father Son? 

Yes, Eddie Howe and Don Howe are related; they are fathers and sons. 

Eddie Howe is the son of Don Howe, an English football player, coach, and manager.

He retired from his coaching career almost after 30 years in 2003, but he sometimes wrote as a pundit on the BBC Sport website. 

Don Howe was such a wonderful coach back then.
Don Howe was such a wonderful coach back then. (Image Source: Arsenal.com)

Eddie learned football and was inspired to be a coach by his Father; his Father taught him to play from a very young age. 

As the Father and son shared the same interest, they used to have a close relationship with each other. 

His Father, Don, also played in the 1958 FIFA World Cup, and from the match, won 23 caps altogether for his club, Three Lions. 

Then, he was England’s national team coach for some time, and people always loved and appreciated his work. 

Also, when Eddie came to the field, he was known as the son of famous coach Don Howe whose real name is Donald Howe.

Sadly Don Howe is no more with us; he had a natural death on December 23, 2015, at the age of 80. 

Eddie Howe and Don Howe Family Tree 

Eddie Howe was born to Don Howe and Anne Howe in Amersham, England, in 1997.

His Father was a coach, manager, and football player, whereas his mother was a full-time housewife. 

Howe was raised with his brother, Steve Lovell, who played as a sticker for a long time. But he is now retired because of his injury; he retired from football in September 2011. 

Both brothers shared an incredible bond; Steve has always supported his older brother, although he cannot play now. 

Additionally, Eddie has his own family now; he is a married man and Father of three children. 

Howe is married to Vicki Howe; she is a full-time housewife at the present day. And the couple has not shared much information about their children in public. 

Eddie Howe with his wife and two sons.
Eddie Howe with his wife and two sons after the match. (Image Source: The Sun)

Everyone wants privacy in life, so we have to respect what they don’t like to share in public yet.

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Find Out Eddie Howe Net Worth in 2024

As of the latest update, the net worth of the coach Eddie Howe is $ 4 million, according to the source.

People have always been curious to know the famous person’s net worth and how they earn. Howe’s primary source of income is his career as a coach, football manager, and former player.

His weekly wage is £62,500, and his base salary is almost $1 million in the club Newcastle. 

Additionally, the base salary and his net worth increase every year with time. So, he has made his career as a millionaire. 

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