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Is Esther Rantzen A Smoker? Journalist Disgnois With Cancer, But Is She Sick Now?

Esther Rantzen is an English journalist & television presenter who announced on 29 January 2023 that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Now, several fans have one question ‘Is Esther Rantzen a smoker’ arising after her announcement. 

Esther Rantzen is not just an ordinary journalist and television presenter next door, but she has offered many contributions to society.

Born Dame Esther Louise Rantzen, she has presented the BBC television series That’s Life! for almost two decades, from 1973 until 1994.

She is involved in several philanthropic endeavors and established the charities ChildLine, which promotes child protection, in 1986, and The Silver Line, which was created in November 2012 to help lonely older adults.

As Rantzen has received recognition for her work in both society and television, several of her fans are naturally curious to keep up with her day-to-day activities.

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Is Esther Rantzen A Smoker?

As mentioned earlier, Rantzen announced her lung cancer diagnosis on 29 January 2023, leaving many fans shocked and confused.

Now, that she told the public about her cancer, many of her well-wishers are intrigued to know more about her smoking history.

Even though smoking can increase your risk of developing lung cancer, it is not the primary cause, contrary to popular belief.

Although there are several other factors causing lung cancer, there is no denying that the journalist was a chain smoker back then. In fact, she continuously smoked for almost ten years.

Is Esther Rantzen A Smoker
Esther Rantzen in her home. (Source: BBC News)

When Esther was young, she was overweight; to lose weight, she became a heavy smoker.

Even though she gave up smoking in the middle, she put on weight which is why she took up smoking again.

However, when the news presenter became aware of the harm, Rantzen gave up on smoking again and never looked back.

Journalist Diagnosed With Cancer, But Is She Sick Now?

Lung cancer can be difficult to detect in its early stages, as Dame Esther Rantzen recently discovered after receiving a diagnosis.

Dame Esther, 82, stated in her statement that she received the diagnosis “in the last few weeks” and that it had spread.

The journalist added that she had decided to disclose her condition ‘because I would rather you heard the truth from me’ and ‘because I find it hard to skulk around different hospitals wearing an implausible disguise.’

Furthermore, she is waiting for test results to determine the best course of treatment for her condition.

At the age of 82, this illness has caused Rantzen to reflect on the years, and she wants to convey her sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making her life so wonderful, enjoyable, and inspiring.

Esther, who was a trailblazer for several female broadcasters, became a household name during her time at the BBC. We pray for her health and wish her a speedy recovery. 

Esther Rantzen Personal Life Explored 

The prolific news personality was born on 22 June 1940 in Berkhamsted, England.

She was welcomed into this world by Katherine Flora Rantzen and Henry Barnato Rantzen.

Her family is Jewish; sadly, both her mother and father have passed away.

Talking about her siblings, Esther has one younger sister named Priscilla N. Taylor.

Speaking of her romantic relationships, she was married to a British television producer, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and television executive, Desmond Wilcox.

Is Esther Rantzen A Smoker
Esther Rantzen pictured with her late husband, Desmond. (Source: Daily Mail)

The former duo exchanged wedding vows in 1977 and were married until the demise of Wilcox in 2000.

Not just a devoted wife, Esther is also a loving and kind mother of Rebecca Wilcox, Joshua Wilcox, and Miriam Wilcox. 

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