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Is Fukuzawa Dead BSD? Season 5 Episode 10 Speculations

Amidst the unforeseen circumstances that the upcoming episode holds, fans are concerned that Fukuzawa is dead in BSD. 

Bungo Stray Dogs is a manga and anime series about supernatural abilities and the Armed Detective Agency.

The main character, Atsushi Nakajima, is a weretiger who joins the agency after being saved by Osamu Dazai.

Along with Dazai and Doppo Kunikida, Atsushi faces various enemies, allies, and his own identity.

Furthermore, the manga series, written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa, began serialization in 2012.

With the new episode on the waitlist, fans are now prying to know whether Fukuzawa is dead in BSD.

Is Fukuzawa Dead In BSD? New Episode Summary

As the series takes on an unexpected series of events, it has left fans wondering if Fukuzawa will be dead in BSD.

Fukuzawa is Doppo Kunikida’s tutor and the president of the Armed Detective Agency.

He is a human who uses the power of “All Men Are Equal” to stifle the powers of individuals working for the agency.

Further, Fukuzawa is a philosopher who rejects monarchy and supports equality and justice.

Fukuzawa is loyal to his friends and allies but distrustful of strangers and enemies. (Source: Youtube)

Likewise, he bears the name Fukuzawa after a Japanese educator and social reformer, Yukichi Fukuzawa.

In the final confrontation of season 5, episode 9, Fukuzawa and Fukuchi try to uncover the true goals of the Decay of Angels.

And to answer the question, No, Fukuzawa is not dead in BSD. He is alive and fighting against the Decay of Angels.

Besides, he reveals that they are after the Armed Detective Agency for betraying them and that their goal is to eradicate all magical beings.

In addition, he reveals to Fukuchi that the man is a former soldier from Tokoyamijima with whom he had served.

Fukuzawa, using his All Men Are Equal ability, fought against Fukuchi, a vampire with an ability that amplifies any power 100 folds.

Bungo Stray Dogs Fukuzawa with iconic scarf
Bungo Stray Dogs Fukuzawa used to be a bodyguard and assassin. (Source: Facebook)

Further, he used his military tactics and psychology to resist Fukuchi’s attack and overpower him.

And then he stabbed Fukuchi in the heart and escaped with Kunikida.

Afterward, Fukuzawa freed Kunikida from Fukuchi’s custody and reunited with him, expressing his love.

They escaped from the airport with Tanizaki and Atsushi’s help.

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Season 5 Episode 10 Speculations

Bungo Stray Dogs season 5, episode 10, will be released on September 13, 2023, on Crunchyroll.

The anime adaptation of the manga series will adapt chapter 109, marking the conclusion of the main story arc.

Fukuzawa fighting
Fukuzawa fought with Fukuchi and lost the battle. (Source: Instagram)

The episode will also leave fans with a cliffhanger about the fate of some characters.

Some of the speculations surrounding the episode are:

First Speculation

How will Fukuzawa survive after being stabbed by Fukuchi? Will he be able to save his partner Kunikida and his friends?

Second Speculation

How will Dazai escape from Chuuya and Fyodor? Will he be able to reunite with Atsushi and other ADA members?

Third Speculation

How can the Decay of Angels’ plan stop? Will ADA be able to prevent them from unleashing their vampires on the world?

Fourth Speculation

How will the Armed Detective Agency’s future be? Will they be able to continue their mission or retire?

What Is The Anticipated Plot Of Season 5 Episode 10?

The plot of season 5, episode 10 of Bungo Stray Dogs, is not officially revealed, but based on preview images and clips, speculations can be made about the upcoming episode.

Atsushi discovers Fukuchi’s true intentions and connection to the Decay of Angels.

Further, in shock and anger, he takes Bram to Fukuzawa for help.

Likewise, Dazai will think he has defeated Fukuchi, but Chuya will stop him and admit that he is collaborating with Sigma.

is Bungo Stray Dogs fukuzawa dead
Bungo Stray Dogs Fukuzawa is also popular with the nickname Silver Wolf. (Source: Facebook)

To stop Fukuchi, Dazai will need to cooperate with Sigma and have faith in him.

After recovering from his stabbing, Fukuzawa will meet up with Kunikida. Then, he will team up with Dazai and Sigma to battle Fukuchi and his comrades.

Moreover, the plan of The Decay of Angels will be made known, and their vampires will be let loose on the earth.

And they need to be confronted and stopped by The Armed Detective Agency and its allies.

The anticipation around the plot is as high as the speculation around season 5, episode 10 of Bungo Stray Dogs.

Fans are going gaga over what unexpected twists and turns await in the final episode.

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