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Is Helen Skelton Related To Nick Skelton? Family Tree

Is Helen Skelton related to Nick Skelton? What is the relationship between the television presenter Helen and the former equestrian Nick?

English television presenter Helen Elizabeth Skelton is popular for her appearance on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)’s talk shows and programs.

Before her BBC involvement, Helen worked in the newsroom at CFM Radio and ITV Border. Based on BBC, she co-presented programs, including Blue Peter, Countryfile, and Holiday Hit Squad.

On 16 August 2023, Helen Skelton was forced to quit her BBC radio show due to childcare issues with her ex-husband.

Nicholas David ” Nick” Skelton is a former British Equestrian who mainly competed in show Jumping. He is a notable player in Equestrian sports who greatly influences young aspiring players.

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Is Helen Skelton Related To Nick Skelton?

No, Helen Skelton is not related to Nick Skelton. Despite their identity as British nationals and having the same surname, “Skelton”, the two English public figures are unrelated.

Time and again, several rumors claim that forty-year-old Helen is the loving daughter of Nick Skelton.

Some even claimed, sixty-five years old Nick was the older brother of Helen Skelton. But, all of these are hoax notes spread by some ignorant people without looking at their personal lives and family details.

Television presenter and reported Helen is also a sports news reporter for BBC radio. Nick and Helen might have met as acquaintances around that time.

Is Helen Skelton Related To Nick Skelton
Tv presenter and reporter Helen Skelton is not related to British horse-riding player Nick Skelton. (Source: Horseandhound)

Similarly, Nick Skelton received a nomination for the 2016 BBC Sports Personality of the Tear Award and was present in the award ceremony.

In the same award show, Helen was also one of the hosts and the organizer as a team member of the BBC branch. Thus, they might have integrated into that ceremony.

Some fans who witness their interaction might have concluded that Nick and Helen have a close personal relationship.

However, the fans and viewers’ speculation has failed as Helen and Nick Skelton are unrelated in personal and familial terms.

Helen Skelton And Nick Skelton Family Tree

Helen was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, England as the younger daughter to father Richard Skeleton and mother Janet Skelton.

Her father, Richard, is the former local police hospital, and her mother, Janet, worked as a teacher. Helen grew up on the family-owned dairy farm in Cumbria with her grandparents and her older brother Gavin.

Her elder brother Gavin Richard Skelton is a former English professional football player who now serves as coach and manager for Carlise United.

Helen Skelton is also associated with several sports and challenges. According to Helen, she got the sports spirit from her brother.

Helen has participated in several competitions, including Ultra marathons, kayaking, and Tightrope walking.

Helen was married to English rugby league player Riche Myler in 2013. Sadly, the praised couple separated in April 2022 after Helen got a hint of Riche’s infidelity with heiress Stephanie Thirkill.

 Halen is now the proud and responsible mother of three children, the elder son, Ernie, born in June 2015; the second child, Louis, born in April 2017; and the youngest daughter, Elsie Kate, born in December 2021.

Is Helen Skelton Related To Nick Skelton
Helen Skelton is the proud mother to her three kids and a lovable daughter to her mother. (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram account, she often posts pictures of her with her adorable children.

On the other hand, Nick was a Bedworth, Warwickshire resident and is the father of two sons, and both are active in horse racing. 

Elder Daniel is a national hunt trainer, and younger son Harry is the National Hunt Jockey.

Is Helen Skelton Related To Nick Skelton
Nick Skelton’s two sons are also associated with horse riding as their father. (Source: Horseandhound)

Nick Skelton’s relationship with his first wife, Sarah Skelton, ended bitterly in the early 2000s, and later Sarah died in 2006.

Nick Skelton and Laura Kraut have been rumored to be in a relationship for a long time, but there is not any specific statement or news from the two Olympians.

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