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Is Jane Seymour Still Alive 2023? Whereabouts Of The Bond Girl

Jane Seymour played the character of Solitaire, a psychic blond girl. Since then, Jane has been known for her amazing presence on screen. Her death rumor is surfacing on the internet about the actress. Is Jane Seymour still alive?

Jane Seymour is a famous actress born in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, to father Benjamin John Frankenberg and mother Mieke Van Tricht.

Her family has a very complex background, as her father, Benjamin, was a Jewish man while her mother was Dutch.

Jane rose to fame from he famous role in the hit James Bond movie Live and Let Live in 1973.

But this time around, Jane Seymour is trending for her death hoax as fans are looking online to see if she is still alive or not.

Is Jane Seymour Still Alive? Debunking Rumors

Many wonder what the famous actor could be up to these days.

Since it’s been a long time since people have seen her on screen, questions about Jane’s whereabouts are rising.

Some think that Jane lost her life to an illness, but is it true?

Jane Seymour
Jane looks so healthy and happy and also very graceful. (Source: Instagram)

The answer is ‘no. Janee Seymour is still alive. The rumor about her death was a complete hoax.

People really were sad after listening to the hoaxes. Jane’s fans were sending condolences from all over the world.

But, the death hoax was instantly put down by Jane’s representatives on the day October 5, 2023.

They made a statement saying that Jane Seymour is still alive and actually doing extremely well.

This revelation brought a lot of relief to her fans all across the world.

Upon investigation, the death hoax was first seen spread on the Facebook page ‘R.I.P Jane Seymour.’

Is Jane Seymour Still Alive
Jane Seymour has a fitness routine that keeps her healthy. (Source: Instagram)

On the Facebook page, someone put a condolence post for the actress with proper details of her birth date and her place of birth.

These details made the fans fall into a web of lies.

But other fans of hers were suspicious of the hoax even before Jane’s team debunked it.

It was because no big media sites or television were covering her alleged death news.

Jane is quite a big name in Hollywood, so the silence on her passing from all these media companies did not make sense.

Eventually, they found out that they were right about their suspicions.

Jane Seymour Finds Love Again: Whereabouts Of The Bond Girl

Not only is Jane Seymour alive and doing well, she has recently found the love of her life.

Jane’s new partner is a musician, and his name is John Zambetti.

After four marriages previously in her life seems like she is finally with her soulmate now.

Jane Seymour partner
Fans wish Jane and John for finding love in each other. (Source: Instagram)

The couple really look very much in love and extremely happy with each other.

Jane often shares pictures from their happy moments together.

Fans are especially happy for her because she was single for a long time after her divorce from her ex-husband, James Keach, in 2015.

Her marriage with James lasted for more than two decades.

Even though she is doing very well in her life and her health right now, there was a time in her life when she faced a huge health threat.

Jane was given an injection with some antibiotics mistakenly, which led her to go through an anaphylactic shock.

The shock made her heart stop, causing a life-or-death situation for her.

It’s important to check the news to identify if it’s a hoax. (Source: Instagram)

Jane says that she remembers the moment very precisely. She remembers her throat closing up and her heart racing uncontrollably.

After that, everything went silent, and she lost consciousness.

Reliving this incident, Jane Seymour says that she feels very lucky to be alive.

She says that the incident taught her how valuable each and every moment is.

This near-death incident of hers could have been the reason for her death hoax.

But, despite all of it, what we now know is that  Jane Seymour is definitely not dead.

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