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Is Janusz Walus Daughter Ewa Walus Also Involved In Chris Hani Murder?

Janusz Walus Daughter is one of the trendy topics in the world as she has managed to take a strike into the fame of media.

“Janusz Walus Daughter” has been one of the most heavily searched topics in the past few hours. If you are curious about the topic, you have come to the right place, as we will take a closer look at Janusz and his daughter. We are also going to see what brought attention to their life. 

To join his Father and brother, who had already immigrated to South Africa in the 1970s and had started a small glass industry, Janusz Walu, born in Zakopane in communist-ruled Poland, moved there in 1981. 

Well, a truck driver at the time joined the National Party and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging after the family business went bankrupt a few years later and gradually became more active in the far-right politics that supported the apartheid state in South Africa.

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Is Janusz Walus Daughter Ewa Walus Involved In Chris Hani Murder?

As a result of her successful foray into a media celebrity, Janusz Walus Daughter has become one of the most talked-about subjects worldwide.

One of the terms that people have been searching for the most recently is “Janusz Walus Daughter.” If you’re interested in the subject, you’ve come to the correct place since we’ll examine Janusz and his daughter in more detail. We’ll also look at what made their lives newsworthy.

Ewa Walu was a young child in 1981, just two months before General Jaruzelski imposed martial law, when her Father, Janusz, immigrated to South Africa to live with his Father and brother. 

In the Polish town of Radom in the country’s center, Ewa and her mother were abandoned. Since his brief trip to Poland in 1992, she hasn’t seen him. A South African court would execute him for murder a year later.

When Radom was still experiencing retaliation from the communist authorities in the late 1970s, Janusz Walu—residing in southern Poland—moved there. 

During this time, dissidents began coordinating their efforts with Polish workers, setting the groundwork for Solidarity’s founding in 1980 and the eventual fall of the government.

Into The Life Of Janusz Walus 

A Goral Polish killer named Janusz Jakub Walu has been found guilty. From 1986 until his South African citizenship was canceled in 2017, he was a dual citizen of Poland and South Africa.

Chris Hani, the general secretary of the South African Communist Party and the chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the armed wing of the African National Congress, was killed in 1993.

Polish-immigrant-and-convicted-killer-Janusz-Walus-has-been-released-on-parole-after-serving-29-years-in-prison-for-killing-Struggle-stalwart-Chris-Hani (Source: IOL)

For this crime, Walu is currently incarcerated in C-Max in Pretoria, serving a life sentence (ANC). Walt was denied parole for the fourth time on November 13, 2020, despite the assertions of his attorney that he had undergone full rehabilitation.

Chris Hani was killed on Easter Saturday, April 10, 1993, which coincided with the start of talks to end apartheid. Around 10:20 am, Walu drove to Chris Hani’s home in Boksburg, Johannesburg. 

Hani had just arrived home when Walu screamed his name as he got out of the car. Hani turned around and was shot once in the torso and three times in the head. 

While Walu departed, Hani passed away there and there. When a neighbor noticed the license plate on the automobile swerving away, Walu was apprehended.

Despite Walu’s denials that he was involved in the murder, he exposed himself by mistaking one of the Police officers for a right-wing extremist. 

A thorough investigation found that Clive Derby-Lewis was the one who planned the murder and arranged for Walu to get the weapon. 

The Police discovered a hit list that indicated Hani was the third person Walu and Derby-Lewis intended to kill. The list also had Joe Slovo’s and Nelson Mandela’s names and addresses.



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