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Is Joao Felix Related To Kaka? Are They Brother- Family Tree

Is Joao Felix related to Kaka? People have often discussed the topic of two-player relationships. 

Ricardo Kaká is commonly known as Kaka; he is a former professional player from Brazil who played as an attacking midfield. Kaka started playing football when he was 18 in 2001.

Felix is a professional football player who plays for the club Chelsea and Portugal’s national football team and has also played as an attacking midfield or winger.

Both are football players and have been known worldwide for their came, so people have always wanted to learn more about them. Many of them have also assumed that they are somehow related. 

So, to find out the relationship between two footballers, you can read further. This article will include everything you need to learn about them. 

Is Joao Felix Related To Kaka? Are They Brothers? 

Are Felix and Kaka brothers? No, they are not brothers and don’t have a blood relationship.

People say that Felix and Kaka look alike, so they have met each other. But there is not any slight chance that they are brothers.

Also, looking at them together, they somehow look alike; there where much news about Felix as the twin of Kaka, and when they finally met each other, many online sources mentioned them as twins.

Joao Felix poses for a photo with former AC Milan player Ricardo Kaka
Joao Felix poses for a photo with former AC Milan player Ricardo Kaka. (Image Source: Suara.com)

But after the question about their relationship was discussed for a long time, Flexi shared that Kaka was his biggest inspiration back when he started football.

He mentioned that he used to watch YouTube video after YouTube video of Kaka and that the videos helped him in different ways. 

Many of his football careers started after watching Kaka’s video not; only Felix, the player, has been an inspiration for many of them. 

But it is clear that they don’t share any relationship, have different last names, and were born in other countries. People were confused, as they somehow looked alike.

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Joao Felix Family Tree

Felix was born to Carlos Sequeira and Carla on 10 November 1999. Felix’s parents were very supportive of his career path. 

He started playing football at eight, and due to lack of playing time, he thought of quitting and focusing on his studies, but his Father, Sequeria, pushed him and forced him to continue football.

And he has often mentioned that his Father has a significant role in his career as well, he has not shared much about them in public, but they seem like a proud parent.

Joao Felix with his family at the Globe Soccer Awards Gala.
Joao Felix with his family at the Globe Soccer Awards Gala. (Image Source: Twitter)

Talking about family, Felix was raised with his younger brother Hugo Félix; he is also an experienced midfielder for Benfica.

He started his club career in 2016, and his first professional contract with the club was in 2020. Also, he has represented his country, Portugal, at the International youth level.

Richardo Kaka Family Tree

Kaka was born into a well-settled family, his mother Simone dos Santos was an elementary school teacher, and his Father, Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, was a civil engineer.

Kaka was raised with a younger brother, who is best known as Digão. Digao is a professional retired football player; he played as a central defender. 

Along with that, he has three kids. Two of them he shared with his high school sweetheart, and one of his daughter’s mother’s identity is unknown. 

Kaka was married to Caroline Celico in December 2005, and they shared two children, Luca Celico Leite and Isabella Celico Leite

Kaka with his ex-wife and kids, before 2015.
Kaka with his ex-wife and kids before 2015. (Image Source: Sportslilbro)

They seem to be a happy couple, but they suddenly announced their divorced in 2015 after being married for ten years. 

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