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Is Joe Duttine Related To John Duttine? Relationship And Family Tree

Is Joe Duttine Related To John Duttine? Both actors have made their name in entertainment through their outstanding performances.

Joe Duttine, born Jonathan Duttine, is a multifaceted English actor whose talent shines in film, theatre, and television.

One of his most notable portrayals is that of Tim Metcalfe in the long-running British opera Coronation Street.

Moreover, Joe Duttine’s most recognized role is his character of Cameron Donnelly in the series “Shameless,” where he portrayed the father of Maxine.

Similarly, John Arthur Duttine has graced small and big screens with his talent.

In 1973, the actor made his first major appearance on television when he co-starred with Francesca Annis in the ‘A Pin to See the Peep Show.’

However, his portrayal of John the Apostle in the 1977 television miniseries “Jesus of Nazareth” launched his career.

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Is Joe Duttine Related To John Duttine? Relationship Explained

Due to their marvelous acting performances and common surname, many are interested in knowing, “Is Joe Duttine related to John Duttine?”

John Duttine is Joe’s uncle. Therefore, they share a familial connection.

Joe Duttine chose “Joe” for his professional career because his uncle John Duttine was already using the name “Johnny” in the acting business.

Hence, this familial link influenced Joe’s choice of stage name. Joe Duttine is essentially the nephew of the actor John Duttine.

Is Joe Duttine Related To John Duttine
Joe Duttine is the nephew of the renowned actor John Duttine. (Source: Twitter)

The Duttine family’s shared love of performing highlights the significance of their relationship.

In the case of Joe and John Duttine, their familial connection appears to have influenced Joe’s career choices and may have even given him helpful advice and assistance.

It is not uncommon for artistic skills to run in families.

Even though Joe Duttine and John Duttine have taken different courses in their acting careers, their shared familial connections have probably encouraged a sense of affinity and camaraderie inside the entertainment business.

Their commitment to their craft and influence on British television and theater make them noteworthy individuals in the field of acting.

Furthermore, fans love both actors for their dedication and love towards their work and their long-lasting acting work.

Hence, they will forever be the great actors in the entertainment industry’s history as time passes.

Joe Duttine Family Tree

Joe Duttine’s father is Geoffrey Duttine. Geoffrey is renowned for being the brother of actor John Duttine, even though he is not as well known in the entertainment industry as his son is.

His family’s involvement probably inspired Joe’s decision to pursue a career in acting in the industry.

Details of his mother are not readily available in the public domain. Therefore, she might be the homemaker who cared for her family and home.

Is Joe Duttine Related To John Duttine
Joe Duttine’s wife, Sally Carman, is also an actress. (Source: Planet Radio)

However, his uncle John Duttine is highly known to be in the spotlight due to his acting prowess on the stage and screens.

Joe Duttine married his Coronation Street co-star Sally Carman in 2022.

The talented actress Sally Carman is well-known for appearing in several TV series, including “Shameless” and “Coronation Street.”

Their marriage highlights their personal and professional compatibility and further confirms their relationship within the entertainment business.

Joe Duttine’s family is a mix of personal and professional relationships, emphasizing the intricacies and different experiences that have shaped his career in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, his union with Sally Carman gives his family life more dimension, and his ties to his uncle John and father Geoffrey highlight the artistic tradition of the Duttine family.

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