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Is John Hinckley Still Alive? A Post-Assassination Attempt Update

People are curious about John Hinckley, the person behind the 1981 presidential assassination attempt. His life update might be very different than what you would have imagined. Is John Hinckley Still Alive?

The world may never forget one incident involving US President Ronald Raegan in Washington, DC, on 1981 March 30.

John Warnock Hinckley Jr. attempted the assassination of Mr. President using a .22 caliber revolver.

This incident resulted in the wounding of the president, which took the life of the President years after wounding.

It also ended up injuring police officer Thomas Delahanty, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, and White House Press Secretary James Brady.

Is John Hinckley Still Alive? Notorious Trial, Jodie Foster & His Life Now

John was also famously obsessed with actress Jodie Foster.

After his trial, it was reported that John was actually very disappointed that his assassination attempt did impress Jodie.

John’s one sad decision changed many people’s lives, including his parents, who later went on to write a book on John’s mental health called ‘Breaking Points.’

Is John Hinckley Still Alive
John really shocked the world with his statements after the crime. (Source: Youtube)

After many years of the incident, James Brady lost his life resulting from the incident.

The reason for his death was the wounds that he got from the gunshots.

It left the court to declare the death as a homicide, once again putting John under a very serious trial.

However, the court did not charge John as his earlier crime got the not guilty verdict due to reason of insanity.

This case completely made a big impact on the US defense laws.

1981 president case
It is insane how one guy can terrorize so many people. (Source: YouTube)

After this trial, the rules got stricter for the defense team so that they couldn’t easily use the insanity claim to get away with their crime.

This even resulted in Congress passing a law to set new rules in the year 1984.

As for John Hinckley Jr., He is still alive as of the date, September 22, 2023.

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John Hinckley Jr.’s Journey From Hospital To Full Release: A Timeline

Following the trial, John was put into a hospital in Washington DC called St. Elizabeth.

He still was dangerous, and it was unsafe for the people to have him roam freely.

And there were many requests to let John out of the hospital throughout these years.

But another group of people strongly disagreed. They said that there was no guarantee of what he might do and when he might snap again.

John writes songs now
Let’s hope that John has really changed and he does not commit any crimes now. (Source: Youtube)

Later, in 2016, a judge agreed to let him out of the hospital on a few terms.

The rules were that he should be living with his mother and should be working. He could not meet or contact anyone involved in the association case.

Not only that, he could only watch filtered media by avoiding specific content.

With time, the court agreed to relax some rules for him. In the year June 2022, John got a full release.

John Hinckley is still alive, and he continues to live a normal life and is of old age now, which might be the reason for his full release.

In an interview, he says that, throughout these years, he has been into many treatments and medications.

He also gave an interview apologizing for his crime and added that he would never do such things again.

John is now uploading songs on YouTube that he writes himself.

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