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Is John Tory Leaving Or Fired? Toronto Mayor Resign After Affair With Ex-Staffer- Scandal Explained

Is John Tory leaving his position as mayor? This article will inform you about resigning after having an affair with ex-staff. 

John Tory has been serving as the Mayor of Toronto since 2014; he was elected for the third time on October 24, 2022.

Talking about Tory’s mayoral journey, he was elected for the first time in 2014 and was re-elected in 2018. Before he secured the position of mayor, he was the Leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario. 

Tory started his career as a lawyer, and businessman, he got interested in fighting as the mayor in 2003, and he lost the election against David Miller.

People have been discussing his leaving the position of mayor, which has been discussed since he announced it in public on February 10, 2022.

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Is John Tory Leaving Or Fired?

John Tory is not fired; he has not been involved in anything illegal to get fired from the position; people have repeatedly wanted him to be the mayor.

He was re-elected in October 2022, and only after four months has he decided to resign. He has only mentioned that he has been planning to resign from the position. 

His resignation will be confirmed after some time; multiple lawyers mentioned that he has to submit a formal notice of resignation to choose his successor.

And on Sunday morning, it was confirmed that the mayor still needed to submit the letter. So, after submitting, it might only get confirmed. 

Jennifer McKelvie poised to take over as mayor of Toronto.
Jennifer McKelvie is poised to take over as mayor of Toronto. (Image Source: CTV News Toronto)

Suppose the resignation gets approved, and he will finally leave the position. In that case, McKelvie will become the head of the Toronto City Council and serve until the 2023 mayoral by-election. 

Also, the mayor might not resign, and he might serve until the 2023 election. So, anything might happen, so get updated on the daily news.

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Toronto Mayor Resign After Affair With Ex-Staffer- Scandal Explained

The Toronto mayor has stepped down after explaining that he has a relationship with an ex-staffer. He mentioned that his mistake about starting a relationship with a former staffer was the reason behind his resignation. 

Tory said, “I recognize that permitting this relationship to develop was a serious error in judgment on my part,” 

The mayor added, “It came at a time when Barb, my wife of 40-plus years, and I were enduring many lengthy periods apart while I carried out my responsibilities during the pandemic,”

The mayor has not mentioned the former staffer; sources say she is around 38 years old. But her identity has yet to be made public.

John Tory resigns as Toronto's mayor after relationship with former staffer
John Tory resigns as Toronto’s mayor after a relationship with a former staffer. (Image Source: CityNews Ottawa)

They started their relationship during the Covid-19 first lockdown, and they mutually decided to end it earlier this year.

After mentioning the reason behind taking a step back, he said he is deeply sorry to the citizen of Toronto who is disappointed in him. He also said, “I’ m sorry to those hurt by my action.”

People were not expecting that he was going to resign from the position after they re-elected him as the mayor. 

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