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Is The Youtuber Larray Gay? Relationships And Dating History

American YouTuber Larray is known for his YouTube channel, part of the collaborative TikTok known as The Hype House. Recently, a question was raised from nowhere regarding the Youtuber Larray being gay. So, is it true? 

Larray, whose full name is Larri Merritt, was born on July 22, 1998, and raised in Los Angeles, California.

As an Alta Loma High School graduate, he established his YouTube channel on August 18, 2011.

Meanwhile, the channel was able to amass over 9 million subscribers before his tenure at The Hype House from Jan 2020 to late 2020.

Moreover, Larray was nominated for a Streamy Award in Dec 2019 as he is not only a content creator.

Larray is a recognized singer, too, renowned for his novelty songs, First Place, Last Place, and Canceled Together.

His songs spent forty weeks on Billboard’s Comedy Digital Track chart.

Thanks to the hype, Larray became the center of his fans.

However, it seems fans’ curiosity has turned in another direction as they eagerly wait to get news on the sexuality of Larray, whom they guess to be gay.

Is Larray The YouTuber Gay Or Not?

The famous YouTuber Larray is bisexual, and he is proud of it. In 2019, he also started dating model Brady Potter. So, yes, Larray is Gay.

In the same year, he announced his relationship ship with Brady in a YouTube vlog.

Before that, he also uploaded a video named Meet My Boyfriend on May 6, 2017.

Meanwhile, their long-term relationship was going well when the rumors about their break up came in 2021.

Later, the tweet from Larray about Brady and his splitting in September 2021 confirmed the news.

The former couple kissing Larray and Brady Potter.
The former couple, Larray and Brady Potter moved on after their breakup.

Larray also said in the Tweet to respect their decision and let them figure things out. Hate is the last thing Brady deserves, and please be kind.

However, Larray later deleted that Tweet and stated clearly that the tweet had nothing to do with his gay boyfriend, Brady, & him.

Meanwhile, they buried the reason for their split in the depths of their heart.

Nevertheless, it seems both of them have moved on from their relationship and have started a new life without each other.

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Is Larray Dating Anyone Post Break Up? 2023 Relationship Update

After parting ways with his ex-boyfriend Barry, the internet buzzed with rumors of a new romance for the popular YouTuber.

Speculation pointed towards a possible relationship with James Charles, but the truth emerged differently.

So, currently, Larray seems content with a single life, focusing on chilling out and creating content with his friends.

While there have been speculations about a connection with a female friend in Korea, their relationship appears strictly platonic.

Meanwhile, the YouTuber seems focused on achieving a successful career through hard work and dedication.

Youtuber Larray plating with his Dog.
YouTuber Larray is known for his creative content and vlogs.

He boasts a substantial fan base of over 9.06 million subscribers who appreciate his creative and innovative videos.

One recent upload, “Last Time on Omegle Forever,” garnered significant attention with over 444k views.

Meanwhile, he shares regular glimpses of his daily achievements with his fans through Instagram, with a following of 6.4 million fans.

Moreover, the YouTuber maintains an over-arching presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, with a fanbase exceeding 1.3 million.

Also, beyond his digital endeavors, he showcases his love for animals, owning a pet cat named Kirby and four dogs.

Larray and Issa at the set of a music video.
The famous social media influencer’s recent music video with Issa. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Larray is a content creator and a singer who recently released the song Canceled (Remix) on June 1, 2023, demonstrating versatility.

This song accumulated an impressive 12 million views and 374k likes in collaboration with YouTuber Speed.

Not to leave out, the estimated net worth of the YouTuber Larray is around $1.5 million, a testament to his success in the digital realm.

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