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Is Lisa Rubin Related To Jennifer Rubin? Family Tree

Is Lisa Rubin related to Jennifer Rubin? Many people believe that the two share familial ties. Let’s unveil their exact relationship below. 

Lisa Rubin is an off-air legal analyst working for “The Rachel Maddow Show” and a former litigator. Lisa Rubin works in a high-paying position in corporate law. She earned her law degree from Yale.

However, she said goodbye to her white-shoe law company in January 2018 and immediately started planning her next move of starting her career in government and politics which was something she always remained passionate about. 

On the other hand, Jennifer Rubin is a prolific American political commentator and journalist. She was born in 1962 and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

She began her career as an attorney but later transitioned to political commentary. Miss Rubin has worked for a number of publications, including The Washington Post, where she currently writes a regular column.

Jennifer has gained recognition for her intelligent analysis and capacity to elicit intelligent debate and is regarded as a very powerful voice in the field of political commentary.

Clearly, it is visible that both Lisa and Jennifer share successful professional careers and are powerful voices. So apart from sharing the same surnames, are they actually related by any familial ties? Let’s unveil the truth below.

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Is Lisa Rubin Related To Jennifer Rubin?

Since Lisa Rubin and Jennifer Rubin share the same last names and are involved in similar professions, many people ask and search Is Lisa Rubin related to Jennifer Rubin?

So for those who don’t know, Lisa Rubin and Jennifer Rubin are not related. While they share the same surname, they don’t share any known familial relationship.

It is quite hard to realize when somebody says that Lisa and Jennifer are not related in some other way, despite coming from the same professional backgrounds and sharing the same last name.

Still, it’s completely possible for two people who have the same surnames to not be related. Surnames can be common and shared by many people with no familial ties to each other. 

 Is Lisa Rubin Related To Jennifer Rubin
No, Lisa Rubin and Jennifer Rubin are not related to each other. (Source: News Harvard)

Hence, in the case of Lisa and Jennifer, no known evidence or details suggests that they are related. Likewise, both of them have different parents and different family backgrounds. So, it is safe to say that Lisa Rubin is not related to Jennifer Rubin. 

However, the one thing that is common between the two women is that both of them are strong, bold, and powerful with a voice and passion to change the world. 

Family Tree Of Lisa Rubin

Lisa Rubin has generally concealed her personal life and family tree; hence her parent’s identities haven’t been disclosed yet. Still, she has shared that both her father and mother worked as public school teachers in suburban Los Angeles.

Her father’s tale influenced her childhood and continues to influence the impact she wants to make.

Is Lisa Rubin Related To Jennifer Rubin
Lisa Rubin’s personal life is beautiful and thriving. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, speaking of her love life, Lisa is happily married to her husband, Jon Oram and the pair are doting parents to two daughters, Emily and Lareine.

Lisa Rubin’s children are young and growing up in a loving household.

Jennifer Rubin Family Tree Explored

Prolific political commentator, Jennifer Rubin comes from an extremely loving and supportive household. Her parents always supported her unconditionally, although their names haven’t been disclosed yet.

Jennifer is Jewish and she spent her formative years in the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey before moving to California with her family as a young girl in 1968.

Speaking of her marital life, Jennifer is a happily married woman. She shares a blissful wedding with her husband, Jonathan.

They have been married for several decades now and they are raising their two sons with utmost love and care. Besides, the pair are happily residing in Okaton, Virginia in recent days. 

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