How are Madame Web and Spider Man Related?

Madame Web has a unique connection to both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in the Marvel Universe.

There are two characters named Madame Web. The original one was Cassandra Webb. She became a mentor to Spider-Man after helping him in a kidnapping case.

Cassandra also had ties to three heroes who took on the name Spider-Woman: Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin, and Charlotte Witter.

Mattie Franklin in Spider women outfit
The film will also feature Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon with their own unique origins and powers (Source: Twitter)

Julia, the second Spider-Woman, was closely related to the original Madame Web.

The Madame Web movie trailer introduces a new character in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, showcasing multiple Spider-Women, including the portrayal of Julia Carpenter by Sydney Sweeney.

The absence of Spider-Man himself has left fans wondering, leading to speculation about whether the film is set in the Amazing Spider-Man universe featuring Andrew Garfield.

Similarly, Madame Web represents Sony’s attempt to build a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man being the central focus.

Madame Web as Cassandra in Ultimate Universe
Ultimate Universe she’s a younger and stronger woman (Source: Twitter)

Despite the absence of Spider-Man in the trailer, Julia Carpenter, as Madame Web, played a crucial role in the Spider-Island storyline, advising Peter Parker during a time when people gained spider powers.

In simple terms, Madame Web is closely related to both Spider Man and Spider Woman.

They connect through mentorship, relationships, and passing on her powers. The trailer raises questions about the film’s connection to the larger Spider-Man universe.

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