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Is Manish Kashyap In Jail? Son Of Bihar Arrested For Beating Kashmiri Shopkeepers

Is Manish Kashyap in jail? Manish Kashyap, a YouTuber from Bihar, is facing arrest. Kashyap has been charged with a felony.

Why is Manish Kashyap In Jail? Manish is accused of spreading the bogus video and reports of the Bihar migrant labourers’ attack.

Manish Kashyap posted a scripted video to support his claim that Bihari labourers were attacked in Tamil Nadu.

The sword of arrest hangs over Bihar YouTuber Manish Kashyap. In the bogus video case, an FIR has been filed against him. Nonetheless, he has a long history of controversies.

Several cases had already been filed against them before this. He went to a market in Patna with his guys a few years back and beat up the shopkeepers.

Let’s dive deep into the article to know why is Manish Kashyap in jail and other details regarding this information. 

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Is Manish Kashyap In Jail?

YouTuber Manish Kashyap has been embroiled in numerous controversies for the past few years.

Following the terror assault in Pulwama on February 14, 2019, Kashmiri shopkeepers were targeted in Bihar’s capital Patna.

Some 20 youngsters used sticks to beat up Kashmiri shopkeepers in Patna’s Lhasa market. The assailants threatened the shopkeepers with deportation to Kashmir.

According to the Times of India, Manish Kashyap was detained in this case by the Bihar Police.

Manish Kashyap in jail
Why is Manish Kashyap in Jail? (Source: YouTube)

Nagesh Kumar, Gaurav Singh, and Chandan Singh, Kashyap’s three accomplices, were also apprehended in separate parts of Patna. All were later released after receiving bail from the CJM court.

Manish Kashyap is frequently in the headlines for his populist beliefs and religious zeal in his tweets. His anti-Muslim tweets are numerous.

He refers to India as a Hindu country. Refugees are referred to as a Jihadi group. Manish Kashyap said, ‘Mullahs, bastards, leave the country,’ in response to a tweet by Journalist Deepak Chaurasia.

This is only one example. Manish Kashyap has started tweeting in this manner regularly.

Who Is Manish Kashyap?

Tripurari Tiwari, also known as Manish Kashyap, is an inhabitant of Dumri Mahanawa village in Bihar’s West Champaran district.

He operates the ‘Sach Tak News YouTube channel. He has thousands of social media followers. Udit Kumar Tiwari is Kashyap’s Father. Kashyap claims to be a trained engineer.

Manish Kashyap ran for the Chanpatia assembly seat in the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections in 2020. Umakant Singh of the BJP defeated Abhishek Rajan of the INC by 13469 votes in this election.

Manish Kashyap ran for this seat as an independent. He received 9239 votes. Manish Kashyap received the most votes after the BJP and Congress candidates.

Tamil Nadu has charged 11 persons and arrested three for spreading misinformation regarding migrant workers’ safety.

Tamil Nadu DGP C. Silendra Babu provided this information during a meeting with numerous industrialists in Coimbatore on Thursday.

Tamil Nadu Police special teams are still camping in cities like Delhi, Bhopal, Bihar, and Patna.

Other Details on Manish Kashyap

A day after the terror incident in Pulwama on February 14, at least 20 youths armed with sticks attacked Kashmiri shops in Patna’s Lhasa market, according to a TOI report.

They were also threatened with returning to Kashmir. Manish Kashyap and his three associates, Nagesh Kumar, Gaurav Singh, and Chandan Singh, were apprehended by Police throughout Patna.

Nonetheless, the CJM court granted him bail. Kashyap and his 21 co-accused were identified in this.

Manish Kashyap in jail
FIR has been filed against Manish Kashyap. (Source: Uttar Pradesh News)

In his report, the DM described how Manish Kashyap and his associates had urged others on social media to come forward and shatter the idol for the sake of nationalism.

Following this, Manish Kashyap was arrested again by West Champaran Police in connection with the idol vandalism.

He was the prime suspect in the idol vandalism case. The Police then filed an FIR based on the report of the DM of West Champaran.

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