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Is Maria Seiren trans? Gender, sexuality of Japan Got Talent winner

With a strong voice, Maria Seiren took the America’s Got Talent stage, earning respect from the judges. Now, viewers wonder if the opera singer, Maria Seiren, is trans. Let’s explore their gender and sexuality here!

Maria Seiren is a singer best known for appearing on the first Japan’s Got Talent, streamed earlier in 2023.

She impressed both judges and audiences alike with her powerful performances.

Further, Seiren is currently competing in America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League with 40 other prominent artists.

The opera singer is on Mel B’s team, which was one of the most exciting drafts for her Dream Team.

As Maria Seiren showcases her dual voice on the show, viewers are keen to learn if she is trans.

Is Maria Seiren Trans? Gender & Sexuality Of First Japan Got Talent Winner

The opera singer Maria Seiren made many curious following her premier performance in AGT.

Notably, her ability to sing in both male and female voices raised questions as viewers searched if Maria Seiren was trans.

However, it was revealed that Maria Seiren is not trans, as she refuses to confine herself to a specific category.

Maria Seiren in AGT backstage
Seiren faced bullying during her childhood days. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her gender, Seiren has an impressive vocal range that covers the tenor and soprano registers.

Moreover, she is often considered gender-bending and represents fluidity through her performance.

Coming from a traditional Japanese family, Seiren doesn’t engage herself too closely with the LGBTQ+ community.

During an interview, she said people should not have a border around themselves.

Adding to her statement, Seiren claimed, 

We’re all unique and should just focus on being ourselves. I know I do, and I hope my audiences can enjoy that sense of freedom in my work.

Further, Seiren shows her support for the community and wishes for an ideal world where people are free of preconceived notions.

Maria Seiren in a black costume
Seiren took inspiration for her craft from traditional songs. (Source: Instagram)

Through her work, Seiren tries to remind her viewers that art and identity can be as boundless as their spirit.

Similarly, the singer embraces diversity and promotes a safe space for her identity.

Regardless of her opinions, Maria Seiren is not trans, as many of her admirers speculated.

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Maria Seiren’s Real Name: Early Life And Career Details

Due to her popularity, netizens are also curious about Maria Seiren’s real name in addition to her gender and sexuality.

In an interview, Maria Seiren revealed the origins of her stage name.

Further, Seiren comes from the mythological Greek figure, which is a form of winged demon that would sing songs to deceive people.

Maria Seiren wearing a huge head piece
Seiren has performed at several concerts. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the name Maria comes from The Virgin Mary, which denotes the capacity for different states of being.

Through her stage name, Seiren wanted to give away the idea that we can move between these parallels of the world.

However, the singer has yet to reveal her real name as she prefers her stage name.

Before her fame, Seiren often participated in the school choir with the assistance of her mother.

Moreover, the traditional Japanese songs inspired her to hone her raw talents.

She always sang in a high soprano style like the Vienna Boys Choir but was often told that her voice wasn’t manly.

Maria with a purple head piece
Seiren was the first person to win Japan’s Got Talent. (Source: Instagram)

However, Seiren did not let the criticism bother her as she trained hard to develop the ability to sing in both registers.

Her unique ability won her the title of Japan’s Got Talent and a place in several opera shows.

Apart from her TV appearance, the singer serves as the director of the Mondoparallelo Opera Company.

Likewise, Seiren has released her debut album, The New Me, which is available on Spotify.

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