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Is Messi And Ronaldo Picture Edited Or Real? Teamed Up For Louis Vuitton’s Latest Advertising Campaign

Messi And Ronaldo Picture has managed to send the football world into a frenzy as the two of the greatest footballers of all time were posing in front of a chess set in a photo shoot for Louis Vuitton. 

As the WorldCup approaches the last for two of the best players of all time, Louis Vuitton decided to send a gift to football fans with a Messi And Ronaldo Picture. To say that the fans are crazier than crazy would be an understatement.

However, among the happy fans who saw their idol lineup, some began questioning the picture’s authenticity. Even though the two seem to be together, many people firmly believe that the image might be edited.

There can be no doubt that the picture is an instant classic. As the two GOATS are set to battle out for the last time in the WorldCup, the photoshoot placed them in front of each other, playing a game of chess. 

The minute details are also there to be admired. For instance, fans have pointed out that placing the chess pieces in front of them imitates one of the greatest chess games in history, which ended in a draw. 

With that, they might be trying to point out that the battle between Messi and Ronaldo, long it may have been, has been entertaining, and there is no certainty of who won it.  

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Is Messi And Ronaldo Picture For Louis Vuitton Edited Or Real? 

In a picture session for Louis Vuitton, Messi and Ronaldo posed in front of a chess set, and the image managed to send the entire football world into a frenzy.

To give football fans a gift, Louis Vuitton sent a Messi and Ronaldo picture at the World Cup nearing its conclusion for two of the greatest players ever. To say that the fans are crazed would be an understatement.

The picture’s veracity, meanwhile, raised some doubts among the delighted fans who witnessed their idol lineup.

Even though the two appear to be together, many people genuinely feel that the picture may have been altered.

Messi And Ronaldo Picture
Messi And Ronaldo’s epic picture is edited. (Source: Goal)

As the fans have pointed out, rightfully so, the picture is edited. The photographers pictured both individually and edited them to appear in the frame together. 

Since Messi and Ronaldo are with their team, training, it would have been impossible to get them together for a photo shoot, so they may have taken the easy way out by editing the picture. 

 But the fact that the image has already been made into the hearts of all fans still needs to be made into the hearts of all fans, especially since both footballers shared the previous photo on their social media. 

Explore The Chances Of Winning WorldCup for Messi And Ronaldo

Due to the fact that two of the best players of our generation are unlikely to participate in this world cup, it will be crazy. 

Even though there is a remote chance that they might push through until the next WorldCup, they have already said on multiple occasions that they might not be able. 

Messi joins the solid Argentine team, with unimaginable brotherhood, as one of the tournament’s favorites. Fresh off the back of a Copa America victory, they know that this is their best shot at winning the world cup in a long time.

Messi recently won a Copa America trophy with Argentina. (Source: Marca)

The Argentine winger would hope to fight the demons of the 2014 world cup, where he barely fell short of the trophy. This time, Messi is backed by a team ready to “go to war” for him. 

Portugal is also enjoying a merry run of form. Even though they have had a dodgy result or two in the past few games, there is no understating of their team. 

With epic players in every position on the pitch, Ronaldo will be ready to rumble the world stages one last time. 

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