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Fact Check: Is Nathan Fielder Gay? Meet His Partner In 2023

Why do fans think Nathan Fielder gay? We will explore his personal details regarding his sexuality and the reasons why is he being referred to as gay. 

The Canadian comedian Nathan Joseph Fielder is also an actor, writer, director, producer, and entrepreneur.

His most notable accomplishments include executive producing How To with John Wilson and co-creating, directing, and starring in the HBO docu-comedy The Rehearsal, and Nathan for You.

His influence on the entertainment sector was further highlighted when Fielder was included in Time magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2023.

Furthermore, his capacity to push creative limits and connect with people on a worldwide scale is demonstrated by this accolade.

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Is Nathan Fielder Gay? Truth Revealed

Fielder’s sexual orientation has been the subject of rumors and conjecture in recent years, with some questioning “Is Nathan Fielder Gay?”

Due to the nature of his comedy work, which frequently involves unusual character depictions and tackles subjects relating to human relationships and sexuality, these suspicions have surfaced.

It’s important to note that Nathan has not publicly admitted to his sexual orientation, despite the speculations. He frequently questions stereotypes and societal standards in his comedic works.

Moreover, he challenges audiences’ presumptions and preconceptions by discussing issues relating to sexuality, which may unintentionally spark questions about his personal orientation.

Also, he has not given any clarification about his sexual preferences. This lack of disclosure can lead to speculation as people attempt to fill in the gaps with assumptions.

Nathan Fielder Gay
Nathan Fielder is rumored to be gay because of his amazing acting and comedic skills. (Source: Legit)

It is inappropriate to assume things about his personal life or use labels like “gay” without specific evidence in the absence of such a statement.

Additionally, respecting the privacy of public personalities is essential in today’s environment of rapid information and public scrutiny.

Nathan Fielder’s choice to keep his sexual orientation private is one that adheres to the values of privacy and individual choice.

Further, evidence that the comedian is straight and not gay comes from the fact that he has had relationships with women in the past.

Moreover, he had wed Sarah Ziolkowska, a children’s librarian and longtime partner of his. After they had first connected at a comedy show, they began dating.

The couple wed in 2011 after a period of dating, and they went on to enjoy a happy life together. But they eventually separated in 2014.

As a result, his marriage to a lady is likewise evidence of his being straight.

Is Amber Schaefer, Nathan Fielder Girlfriend In 2023?

Nathan Fielder who was married previously and separated after a while, is rumored to be dating Amber Schaefer, a comedy director.

Nathan has publicly accepted that he is seeing someone and also that he recently moved in with his girlfriend.

Fielder has not revealed the identity of his current girlfriend. Additionally, it is unknown how long he has been dating the person he is referring to.

Nonetheless, this is the first time the Rehearsal host has spoken publicly in years about his relationship.

Nathan Fielder Gay
Nathan Fielder is believed to be dating Amber, a comedy director. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the attractive personality is reported to be having an affair with Amber, who is recognized for directing Saturday Night Live.

The speculation was further fueled when both were seen together at the GQ Man of the Year Party in November 2022.

In the fourth season of Nathan For You, the celebrity was dating his co-star, Maci. However, they break up after only a short while of being together and their romance doesn’t persist for years.

Furthermore, the comedian’s fans are eagerly waiting for him to reveal his current partner with some good news about their marriage.

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