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Is Orlando James Gay? TikTok Star Gender And Sexuality

Orlando James has been making the hearts buzzing with his charming looks. His fans want to know more about his personal life, including if Orlando James is gay.

A famous TikTok star, Orlando James, is famous for his unique videos where he shares details about his everyday life with his fans.

He may look like he belongs to Gen Z, but he was born in the year 1991, December 20.

Orlando also has a YouTube channel where he shares short videos, mostly about his haircare routine.

He has an amazing personality, which can justify the number of fans he has on his social media accounts.

But lately, netizens are curious to learn about the sexuality of Orlando James and are rumoring if he is gay.

Is Orlando James Gay? His Sexual Orientation

The TikTok star has about with over 170K+ followers on Instagram and 1.3M+ fans on TikTok.

And with fame comes scandals, rumors and whatnot. This time, Orlando James is facing the same situation with his dating preference, as he has kept his dating life private.

People may expect him to open up about it, but he has successfully kept it hidden till now.

Orlando James
Orlando James has such beautiful hair it even makes the girl envious. (Source: Instagram)

There are many rumors about Orlando being gay and preferring to date guys over girls.

But nothing is confirmed, and he hasn’t come forward with any statement about the rumor.

Orlando also has not posted anything regarding his sexuality.

Most of his fans believe that James Orlando is gay because of his personality and the nature of the videos that he posts.

Since Orlando James posts many skincare and haircare videos, people think that he is gay.

However, any gender and people with any sexual preferences can have similar likes and interests.

So, we, as responsible fans, should not conclude and make judgments about his sexuality.

Is Orlando James Gay
Orlando does have such an amazing style and fashion sense. (Source: Instagram)

Further, it would be very unfair just to assume someone’s sexuality based on such little information.

Gay or not, it is undeniable that Orlando James is charming the hearts of both males and females.

His silky curly hair with his sharp, price-like jawline has been able to capture the hearts of many.

Moreover, his gay fans will certainly be happier if he is indeed actually gay and decides to come out soon.

Till then, we can not assume anything about him, and we may talk about it but not as a fact.

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Mystery Surrounding Orlando James Gender And Sexuality

Since his dating history has been a mystery, there is no solid proof to tell whether he has ever been into guys or girls.

His fans do link him with many of his other friends, but he has never posted any content related to it.

Maybe he just likes to dress the way he does, and in the 80s, many guys dressed in crop t-shirts and had long hair similar to Orlando.

Orlando James hair
Orlando James not only has an amazing look but has an amazing personality. (Source: Instagram)

Orlando’s fashion, which is the main reason for people’s suspicion of his gender, could just be due to his fondness for vintage fashion.

If Orlando is gay and comes out, he can be a great example of a successful Queer person in fashion.

A hot model who is gay but also captures straight females’ attention would be such an amazing thing.

Nevertheless, there are many other gender identities that people like themselves identify with.

Maybe he prefers both male and female and is actually a bi-sexual. We do not know; only time can tell.

Till then, let’s be respectful of his choices to keep his gender and sexuality private.

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