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Why Is Rapper Sexyy Red Dead Hoax Trending Online? The Truth

One of the trending topics about rapper Sexyy Red after the sensational leak on her own Instagram is her being dead. However, is that true or just a hoax? Let’s find out.

Sexyy Red has been trending across all social media platforms in recent days owing to the private video leak of her in her own Instagram story.

Although this has been why she is trending today, Sexyy Red has been on the rise recently for being a very talented rapper.

Sexyy Red rose to fame in 2018 with the track Ah Thousand Jugs, a rework of A Thousand Miles.

Moreover, her claim to fame came in 2022 when she collaborated with Summer Walker on the controversial music video Sense Dat God Gave You.

Later, in 2023, with her single Pound Town, she entered for the first time on the US Billboard Hot 100.

However, the hot topic in the news about rapper Sexyy Red is not her single but a rumor that she’s dead. Now, fans are eager to know the truth.

Why Is Rapper Sexyy Red Dead Hoax Trending Online? The Truth

Is rapper Sexyy Red dead is a question that many fans have given the recent sex tape leak.

This is, however, primarily related to fans believing that her career may be heading to an end now.

This videotape leak has caused a massive uproar across the internet, especially in the music industry.

Is rapper Sexyy Red dead rumor started much later
Sexyy Red was supporting Drake and 21 Savage on tour. (Source: Instagram)

Many fans and media personnel even believe that this is a publicity stunt from the side of Sexyy Red herself.

However Sexyy Red has openly come out stating that this leak was not from her side. Her fans openly welcomed this statement, believing it instantly.

Despite this, though, given that the video leak was on her Instagram, many still question the intention.

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Is The Death Hoax Real Or A Rumor?

With this tape leak, rapper Sexyy Red’s death has become a trending question.

And it is pretty understandable, given that a death hoax is always the first thing that comes up in these circumstances.

However, this is simply a hoax like many previous times when this kind of video tape leaks have surfaced.

Meanwhile, Sexyy Red has been active on Instagram even after the incident. Her recent Instagram post is that of her congratulating Drake for his new album.

Sexyy Red at the football game in a white t-shirt
Sexyy Red has a son named Chuckie, who was born in 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Sexyy Red has come out with a statement on her Twitter on what may have happened.

In the tweet, we can see that Sexyy Red seems devastated by the incident. But she has not blamed anyone else either for the leak.

In the tweet, she also says that her close ones know she would never do something like this.

This statement clearly shows that Sexyy Red has nothing to do with this leak.

This statement could also be why the question of whether rapper Sexyy Red is dead became increasingly popular.

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Is There A Shocking Political Angle?

Lately, there has also come a controversial political angle to this whole ordeal. Sexyy Red recently had publicly stated that she liked Donald Trump.

This happened during her now-infamous podcast with Theo Von.

With this, many are beginning to believe that those who oppose Trump may be behind this leak.

Sexyy Red posing for a picture with rapper Kodak Black
Sexyy Red is the owner of a lip gloss brand. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, fans also believe that the real reason behind the question is to put pressure on the rapper.

Many even believe this will end her career right when she is on the rise.

Sexyy Red recently even collaborated with Drake and SZA on Rich Baby Daddy. This was for Drake’s recent album, For All The Dogs.

Her ardent fans are now trying their best to drown out this unnecessary question of whether rapper Sexyy Red is dead.

And now, even neutrals are beginning to support Sexyy Red in this challenging time.

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