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Is Ronna Mcdaniel Related To Mitt Romney? Relationship And Family

Is Ronna McDaniel Related To Mitt Romney? Here is what you should know about the two prominent politician’s relationship.

Ronna McDaniel, formerly known as Ronna Romney McDaniel, has been a prominent figure in American politics and has served as the chairwoman of the RNC (Republican National Committee) since 2017.

As a member of the Republican Party, she is intricately connected to the renowned Romney family.

The intriguing question that often arises is whether there is a familial relationship between Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney.

Mitt is also a well-known American politician, businessman, and lawyer currently serving as the junior United States senator from Utah.

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Fact Check: Is Ronna McDaniel Related To Mitt Romney?

Ronna McDaniel is related to Mitt Romney. She is Mitt’s niece, being the daughter of his elder brother, Scott Romney and Ronna Stern Romney.

Is Ronna Mcdaniel Related To Mitt Romney
RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is the niece of Senator Mitt Romney and the member of the prominent U.S. politics Romney family. (Image Source: People)

The Romney family has a rich history intertwined with American politics.

Ronna McDaniel’s grandfather and Mitt’s father, George Romney, was the governor of Michigan for three terms and later as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Richard Nixon.

Moreover, McDaniel’s mother, Ronna Stern Romney, who is also Mitt’s sister-in-law, made her mark in politics by running for a US Senate seat in Michigan in 1996, eventually contributing to the Republican National Committee – a position that Ronna McDaniel now holds.

The political legacy doesn’t stop there; the RNC chairwoman’s grandmother, Lenore Romney, also ran for Senate in 1970.

Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney Relationship

Despite being family, Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney have found themselves on opposite sides regarding their political views, particularly when it comes to former President Donald Trump.

McDaniel, in her role as the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, has been an ardent supporter of Trump.

Is Ronna McDaniel Related To Mitt Romney
Ronna McDaniel reportedly dropped her middle name “Romney” to please Donald Trump. (Image Source: Politics)

Her tenure as RNC chairwoman has seen both challenges and successes, with the 2020 elections being pivotal. McDaniel’s steadfast support for Trump.

In contrast, Romney, serving as a senator from Utah, has criticised Trump publicly.

Their relationship faced strains during the 2020 impeachment proceedings when Romney voted to convict Trump on one article of impeachment.

McDaniel, in a public display, sided with Trump over her uncle.

The tension escalated to the point where McDaniel dropped the “Romney” from her name, complying with a request from Trump, who had a well-publicized feud with Mitt Romney.

Despite these political differences and public disagreements, both McDaniel and Romney acknowledge their familial bond.

McDaniel has expressed admiration for Romney, calling him “a great leader for our country” and expressing deep affection.

In turn, Romney has stated his pride in his niece’s role as the RNC chairwoman, acknowledging her competence in the position.

In the intricate web of family and politics, the relationship between Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney showcases the complexities that can arise when personal and political ties intersect.

Despite the differences in their political perspectives, the familial connection endures, reminding us that even in the dynamic landscape of American politics, family bonds can withstand the test of diverging ideologies.

As Ronna McDaniel continues to shape the future of the Republican Party, the legacy of the Romney family remains a guiding force.

Their contributions to politics, marked by a commitment to conservative values and public service, underscore the enduring impact of familial ties in the American political landscape.

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